Why Am I Craving Milk During Pregnancy?

I am craving milk during pregnancy. How is it possible? I’m not too fond of milk. Suddenly I start to love to drink milk during pregnancy. Don’t fret. It happens as the pregnancy is like a magical experience that comes with many unexpected surprises. Suddenly, the strike of craving for milk while pregnant is also one of them.

Not every woman experience craving milk during pregnancy. But why some experience? There is no scientific reason for the pregnancy to crave milk. It may happen due to hormonal changes or your increasing need for calcium during pregnancy.

Why Am I Craving Milk During Pregnancy?

Craving milk during pregnancy is the most common among pregnant women. There is no definite reason for having milk cravings, but your body needs more nutrition than usual to support the baby’s growth, so your body may crave milk during pregnancy. What can be craving milk during pregnancy indicate? Is it good or bad to drink milk during pregnancy? To know about craving milk during pregnancy, keep the article reading till the last line of the article.

Why Craving Milk During Pregnancy?

Craving Milk During Pregnancy

Most women crave milk and other dairy product during pregnancy. We all know milk is a good source of calcium and phosphorus necessary for the baby’s proper growth, so it is natural to move these foods to lead to a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy makes the women alert about their diet as it matters a lot for both the mother’s and baby’s well-being. So, after knowing about the benefits of taking milk and other dairy products becomes natural for them. They start craving milk during pregnancy to get additional nutrition to support the baby’s growth.

The same logic works for craving ice cream and other frozen dairy products. We usually see women love to eat ice cream in movies during pregnancy. The same thing clicks in the mind of the women. They start to crave these dairy products. What we see and think also leads us to crave special foods during pregnancy. Some women go for spicy foods, and some others go for sweets. These cravings produce through their mindset.

A woman’s body experiences many emotional and physical changes due to hormonal imbalances during pregnancy. These hormonal changes also lead you to experience craving for milk and other foods. Mood swings are also a reason to pop up the craving for milk during pregnancy. 

Women with a calcium deficiency can crave milk and dairy products to fulfill the additional need for calcium. This is the natural way of the body to fulfill the need for nutrients whether you are pregnant or not. The fetus absorbs the calcium and other nutrients from the mom-to-be body, so women should include them in their diet.

Dairy products are not only good sources of calcium but also contain a good amount of protein and fat. So, you may be thinking about how much milk I should drink during pregnancy. Is there a loss to include a couple of milk glasses while pregnant? Move forward to get the best explanation for your anxiety about craving milk during pregnancy.

 Is Drinking Milk Good Or Bad During Pregnancy? 

Drinking Milk Good Or Bad During Pregnancy

As I mentioned earlier, pregnancy is the most delicate time as you are with your baby. Your every action affects the growth of the baby. So, you must be careful about your diet for your baby and yourself. Moderation is key during pregnancy to getting a healthy diet during pregnancy. Milk craving during pregnancy is good as milk is the healthiest option. The milk is full of many nutrients but poor in iron content. So, drinking so much milk can reduce the appetite for foods that are better sources of iron.

Iron is essential for healthy brain development. Iron deficiency, especially in the fetus’s brain development phase of the fetus can cause congenital brain disease. It can affect the learning capabilities of the brain. As per the report, women with iron deficiency give low weight and premature babies. It does not mean you should stop the consumption of milk, but you should limit its intake. Include iron-rich food such as whole wheat bread, tofu, fortified cereals, grains, pasta (check label), oatmeal, beans, peas, lentils, and leafy greens, etc., to your diet.

Why Am I Craving Milk During Pregnancy’s Third Trimester?

Milk During Pregnancy's Third Trimester

During the third trimester, the need for nutrition increases for the baby’s proper growth. Milk craving is a healthy choice, so don’t worry if you are craving milk during pregnancy. But as I mentioned above, a pregnant woman needs all nutrients like iron, calcium, protein, etc., so a balanced diet is necessary. A balanced diet provides a full pack of nutrition that you and your baby need.

You only need to limit the consumption of milk to jump on the other foods to get several nutrients for your baby’s growth. You should avoid drinking milk at night as you may need to go washroom frequently, and it is unsafe to wake up at night frequently during pregnancy. Enjoy different healthy food help you extract only benefits from them.

Craving Chocolate Milk During Pregnancy: What To Do Now?

Craving Chocolate Milk During Pregnancy

Craving chocolate milk during pregnancy is also normal as women go for it to get a more refreshing drink to please them. However, there is not any definite reason for chocolate milk craving. It may be a result of mood swings. You should take flavored milk in moderation as they are loaded with artificial sugar that is not good during pregnancy. Making chocolate-flavored milk at home will be the safest option for you. Remember that moderation is key to enjoying all the healthiest foods during pregnancy.

Can Craving Milk Be An Early Pregnancy Sign?

Milk Craving During Pregnancy

If you are craving milk during pregnancy, that doesn’t mean you are pregnant. There is no direct connection between milk cravings and pregnancy. Women may crave specific food craving during pregnancy. It is normal. Suppose you are craving milk and other early pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, nausea, and tiredness. It is the strongest indication you should take a pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy.  

A woman’s body needs more nutrients, such as calcium, iron, etc., to fulfill the growing fetus’s needs. That is, some women have milk craving during pregnancy. Not every woman faces a craving for only milk. Some other women have the following craving during pregnancy.

  • Dairy cravings during pregnancy
  • Spicy food cravings during pregnancy
  • Pickle cravings during pregnancy
  • Fast food cravings during pregnancy
  • Carbohydrate cravings during pregnancy
  • Fruit cravings during pregnancy
  • Sweet cravings during pregnancy
  • Animal protein cravings during pregnancy
  • Cold food cravings during pregnancy

Any craving during pregnancy may not indicate early pregnancy. If you have cravings before your missed period, along with the early pregnancy signs, you should take a pregnancy test to know whether you are pregnant.


Craving milk during pregnancy is common among pregnant women. The hormonal changes in the need for calcium, mood swings, etc., may be the reasons for craving milk during pregnancy. Drinking milk is also a way to tempt yourself during pregnancy. The milk contains a good amount of calcium and other nutrients that support the baby’s development.

No doubt. But you should consume milk in moderation as the milk does not contain iron, which is necessary for the baby’s brain development. So, the best idea is to limit milk consumption and include iron-rich foods in your doubt for the adequate growth of your baby. Craving milk during pregnancy is good for you. But make sure not to drink more than three glasses of milk daily.


Here are the answers to the most asked questions about craving milk during pregnancy that will provide you with more information o the consumption of milk while pregnant:

Q. Is Craving Milk a Sign of Early Pregnancy? 

A. No, milk craving during pregnancy or any other craving indicates early pregnancy. The best way to confirm pregnancy is to take a pregnancy test or visit your healthcare provider.

Q. What happens if you drink a lot of milk during pregnancy?

A. Consuming excessive amounts of milk during pregnancy can lead to an excess calcium intake, which may increase the risk of kidney stones and constipation and interfere with the absorption of other essential minerals such as iron and zinc. You should not take more than three servings of milk in a day.

Q. How much milk a day should a pregnant woman drink?

A. You can consume three servings of milk or other dairy products daily, about 900 milligrams of calcium. Including other nutritious foods in your diet will be the best decision.

Q. Is it good to drink milk at night during pregnancy?

A. You should avoid drinking milk excessively at night to prevent any digestive discomfort.

Q. Does craving milkshakes during pregnancy indicate a boy or girl?

A. Craving milkshakes during pregnancy is not an indicator of the baby’s gender, as there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. Food craving is the only result of hormonal changes. It doesn’t indicate the baby’s gender in any way.

Q. When does craving milk during pregnancy start?

A. Pregnancy cravings may start as early as the first trimester but may vary for each woman.

Q. What does it mean when a female craves milk?

A. Craving milk during pregnancy can be a result of hormonal changes or a need for calcium for the proper growth of the baby.

Q. Is it OK to drink cold milk during pregnancy?

A. Yes, it is safe to drink cold milk during pregnancy as long as it is pasteurized and within its expiration date.

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