What Does It Mean When a Pregnancy Test is Blank?

What is blank pregnancy test, it is the most asked question among women. Am I sure you also experience that situation? Women usually understand the positive or negative pregnancy result, but when the test is blank, it leaves them wondering about their pregnancy.

Most women got frustrated with getting blank result and quickly threw them in the dustbin and started to take a lot of stress. Don’t worry. You have reached the right place; here, you will get a complete guide to handling that situation. Stay with us at the article’s last line to learn about the blank pregnancy test.

blank pregnancy test

What is the Blank Pregnancy Test?

After waiting for a long time, you will get the empty window of the test, which is the blank result. You may see later there is one line or two lines in the window; this is also a blank test. There are many reasons for getting the blank pregnancy test as expiry pregnancy kit, wrong storage, wrong applications of the show.

Quickly Understand How Does Kits Work to Detect Pregnancy?

All pregnancy tests work on the same principle- detecting the hCG amount in the urine. When you take the test, you may get one line, two lines, or a digital screen. But the main thing is the detection of the hCG by the kit. Without it, the pregnancy kits can’t indicate anything about your pregnancy.

If the kit detected the hCG level in your urine, you would get positive results. And you will get negative results when your urine does not have enough hCG to detect. Getting the negative result may be possible if you take the test too early, as your body will take 5 to 6 days to produce a detectable amount of hCG after conception.

Positive pregnancy

So, What does it Mean When You Get the Blank Pregnancy Test? 

Getting the blank pregnancy result means the it could not detect the amount of hCG in your urine. It may happen due to the use expiry pregnancy kit. The second reason is that the equipment is not in good condition. You didn’t handle it appropriately. 

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Why do We Get the Empty Pregnancy Results?

  • Blank tests are rarely seen in the window of the pregnancy kit as it is the result of a lot of mistakes while taking a pregnancy test. If you don’t put enough urine in the defined area of the kit for the testing, you may get a blank result.
  • Sometimes the test window doesn’t allow urine to reach the testing area.  
  • The urine didn’t reach the testing window of the test kit. 
  • The blank line appeared when the hCG didn’t detect through the kit. The control line could not work appropriately to see the amount of hCG in your urine. Defective pregnancy kits or mishandling the entire process is the main reason for getting blank pregnancy results.

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How Long do We Have to Wait to Get the Correct Pregnancy Results?

Too much waiting to get a result, probably you will get blank pregnancy results. Now you are thinking, how long we have to wait for the results. It depends on what type of test kit you are using. As the digital pregnancy test may give you fast results on another side, the home pregnancy kit is more rapid than it. 

Usually, time is mentioned on the pack, so you can wait for the defined time to avoid blank pregnancy test. Some kits offer the results in 2 minutes, and some show the result in 5 minutes.  Ten minutes is the maximum time you have to wait for the pregnancy result. After that, if you are getting any results will not be reliable. 

What are the Reasons for Getting the Pregnancy Tests Blank?

There are many reasons for getting the blank pregnancy test as expiry pregnancy kit, wrong storage, wrong applications of the show.

Defective Pregnancy Test 

Usually, it does not happen, but you may be the unlucky one who has picked the wrong kit from the store and got blank pregnancy test. Expiry pregnancy kits also leave you in confusion about your pregnancy. Then the best idea is that whenever you are buying the kit, first, check the expiry date to avoid the empty window test.

The other thing is that you should never store the extra pregnancy kits at home as you forget to use them at the time, and later when you use, they got expire and you get invalid results or an empty window. Hold the PT properly while taking the test. If you drop the kit, it may get damaged and not work correctly to show you the accurate pregnancy results.

Not following the Test Instruction

All instruction has been given on the pregnancy test. Not following proper guidance means you will get incorrect results. You have to follow step-wise step instructions to avoid invalid results. If you are missing any of the mentioned steps, you are drilling the final nail in the coffin for getting the unexpected result – blank.

Use the Insufficient Amount of Urine

Usually, you need 4 to 5 drops of urine in the testing area of the pregnancy kit. If you don’t take sufficient amount of urine, you may also get a blank result.

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What to do After Getting A Blank Pregnancy Test?

You should repeat the test because it is only the result of the mishandling of the pregnancy kit. So, you need to buy another pregnancy kit and retake the test. This time use another brand kit and also remember to read the instructions carefully to avoid getting a blank result.

Don’t waste another morning with the bad pregnancy kit; If you are pregnant, it should be detected at the early stage as there are so many complications like genetic disorders that are treatable at the early stage of the pregnancy. So, retake the test, do it correctly, and get the most accurate pregnancy results.

Can We Reuse a Blank Pregnancy Test?

No, you can’t reuse pregnancy kits as they are designed to detect hCG only once and also within the given timeframe on the pack. So, after taking the test, you should discard the kit.

Final Word

Taking a test brings happiness for some, hope for some, and lots of frustration for some who get the blank pregnancy test. Moreover, checking a pregnancy at home is the most convenient way to know whether you are pregnant or not; but it should be taken appropriately otherwise, it leaves you in a muddling-up situation. 

You need only to follow some steps but if you are feeling puzzled, then book an appointment for the blood test. The early detection of the pregnancy is necessary for the growth of the fetus as you need to start vitamins and folic acid from day one.


There are many questions regarding checking pregnancy at home. See here the answer few of the most asked questions about blank pregnancy test.

Q. What is the first thing that you should remember at the time of purchasing of pregnancy kit?

A. Check the manufacturing and expiry date before purchasing it.

Q. When should take the pregnancy test?

A. Check your pregnancy on the first day when your period got missed.

Q. Can we reuse the pregnancy kit after getting blank results?

A. No, you can use any pregnancy kit only once. You need to buy another one to retake the test to avoid blank pregnancy test.

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Herry Willon
Herry Willon
17 days ago

I took my pregnancy test on Monday and I am in shock about why did my pregnancy test behaved oddly. The pregnancy window was blank. There is no control line and test line. What to do now. Someone is there to help me out.

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