What Can Help Pregnant Sleep?

I am facing sleepless nights and searching for the best ways to get a peaceful night’s sleep. Is there anything that can help pregnant sleep? If you are also one of them, you are on the right platform. Here you will get valuable information to enhance sleep quality during pregnancy.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy are the leading cause of sleepless nights. Moreover, our mental health may also be the reason for less sleeping. However, you can handle the sleepless night with some remedies. Further in the post, you will get to know them. So, stay tuned with us till the last line of the article.

pregnant sleep

Why is Pregnant Sleep Necessary?

Pregnant sleep is essential to combat many issues, such as morning sickness, fatigue, nausea, etc. Moreover, efficient sleeping maintains the skin glow of the women. They feel relaxed and can enjoy pregnancy time.

Sleeping also makes pregnant women stress-free. The woman’s body goes through many hormonal changes during pregnancy, and taking sufficient sleep may help them to cope with these changes. 

As per the medical expert, a pregnant woman should sleep at least 9 hours at night and take a nap during the day whenever they feel sleepy.

Moreover, some research suggests that women who sleep less than 6 hours at night have to suffer more prolonged labor pain, and there is a high chance of having a cesarean baby. The sleeping quality and quantity also affect the blood sugar level and can cause gestational diabetes.

Little sleep may also increase the risk of high blood pressure and cause preeclampsia. However, sleep can’t affect the baby’s health, but pregnant sleep may be the base of a healthy pregnancy.

Sleep also enhances the mood of pregnant women. And with a positive mindset, they can opt for a healthy lifestyle to enjoy pregnancy. The relaxed attitude, healthy eating, and walking routine affect the health of the baby and the expecting mother. Quality sleep is a significant factor in the mentioned scenario.

So, if you are pregnant, keep sleep at the top of your to-do pregnancy list.

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What is the Status of Sleep in All Trimesters?

Sleep quality may improve or decrease due to hormonal changes throughout the pregnancy. Here is more explanation about pregnant sleep during all three trimesters:

1) Sleep During the First Trimester

In the first trimester, you feel sleepy the entire day due to the physical and hormonal changes in your body, which is why you feel sleeping discomfort at night. The emotional stress of the delivery of the baby also creates sleeping issues.

The frequent urination in the first trimester also makes you use the washroom repeatedly, which increases sleeping discomfort.

2) Sleep During the Second Trimester

The frequent urination issue becomes less as the fetus reduces the pressure on the bladder by the second trimester. But still, women feel sleeping discomfort because of emotional stress about a healthy pregnancy.

3) Sleep During the Third Trimester

During the third trimester, women face many issues associated with sleep because of a growing belly and other pregnancy problems such as heartburn, leg cramps, and other digestion issues. And the frequent urination issues return in the third trimester due to the baby’s changing positions which started to create pressure on the bladder once again.

Having an efficient sleep is essential throughout the pregnancy. Further in the post, you will learn about some tried and tested ways to deal with insufficient pregnant sleep.

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Why is Pregnancy Sleep the Main Issue for Women?

Lack of sleep and restless nights are common problems many women face during pregnancy. However, sleeping issues can be tackled with some tricks. If you face excessive sleeping, then you should consult with your doctor.

Here are some reasons that create issues in the pregnant sleep:-

1) Hormonal Changes:- During the first trimester, many women feel sleepy all day and take long sleep at night. It is usual among women as the baby starts to form in their womb, and their bodies struggle to opt for this change.

Many women face sleepless nights due to anxiety about their pregnancy. But in that case, you can discuss your sleeping issues with your doctor or partner, and they can help you get better sleep and enjoy the following day.

2) RLS (Restless legs syndrome):- Lack of folic acids and iron cause RLS. Due to this sleep disorder, many women face sleepless nights. Women with RLS feel Itching on their legs and move them all night, which disturbs their pregnant sleep. Most probably, in this third trimester, women face RLS.

3) Sleep apnea:- If you feel breathing issues while sleeping, you need to talk immediately to your doctor. Sometimes physical and hormonal changes can cause sleep apnea in pregnant women. While it may resolve by medical help, it needs to be checked immediately to avoid other pregnancy problems.

4) Insomnia:- Aches and pain during pregnancy are the leading cause of Insomnia disorder. Women with Insomnia are not able to sleep at night. They continuously change their sides to get a night of sound sleep but are unable. The sleeping disorder may cause less pregnant sleep.

In that case, you should concern your midwife to solve this issue. Your partner can also help you to get better sleep by massaging your head and legs.

5) Excessive stress:- It is advisable to be happy during pregnancy always as a happy mind that adjusts easily to handle the discomfort of the pregnancy. Please avoid stress as it can also disturb pregnant sleep.

If you are facing issues with handling all your tasks or any other emotional pain, you should talk about it with your partner or close one to relieve your stress.

6) Frequent urination:- The growing baby puts pressure on your bladder, and you must wake up frequently to use the washroom. It is a natural process, and we can’t stop it. Reducing fluid intake at night such as coffee and tea improves pregnant sleep.

7) Strange Dreams:- Some women feel sleeping discomfort due to seeing strange dreams at night. They are nothing, only your anxiety about the labor pain and delivery. It would be best if you shared these dreams with your partner. He will help you to make calm and relaxed. You can discuss it with your doctors too.

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How to Enhance the Quality and Quantity of Pregnant Sleep?

Sleeping discomfort is common throughout the pregnancy. But you can handle them by following tips and tricks.

1) Pregnancy pillows:- Normally, in the third trimester, the doctor suggests sleeping on the sides as it is helpful to enhance blood circulation. But women face issues with sleeping on the side due to growing bellies.

The maternity pillows are designed for pregnant women to give them comfort to have a sound sleep for longer hours. You can also set the maternity pillow between your legs to make yourself relax to sleep.

2) Follow the exercise routine:- Daily light exercise to keep you fit during pregnancy. The second thing is that exercise improves quality of the pregnant sleep. You feel energetic to complete your daytime activities, and you will also take sound sleep at night.

3) Set a mood:- For the sometime before going to bed, forget about your pains or pregnancy discomfort. Make yourself comfortable and happily go to bed. Your philosophy or positive thinking will indeed promote your sleeping quality.

4) Ideal sleeping space:- Before going to bed. Stop using the mobile phone, laptop, or another electronic gadget at least one hour before. You can invest in a mattress to get night comfort. Dim your room’s lights and take the best maternity pillow to make yourself comfortable.

5) Get a massage:- As I also mentioned earlier, a body or head massage at night will help you get sound sleep. Massage enables you to get relief from pain, and you can sleep for longer hours comfortably.

6) Prevent heartburn:- Many women face heartburn problems during pregnancy which is why they cannot sleep efficiently at night. To prevent heartburn, always have a small portion of the food frequently instead of taking a large meal at a time.

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Is There Any Relation Between Sleep And Mental Health? 

Mental health affects pregnant sleep directly. Try to understand the concept with me. Mental stress and depression can lead to sleepless nights. Mental health problems during pregnancy are common, as many women have anxiety and stress because of labor pain and the delivery process.

But you can tackle mental health issues with the right help and support. Ask your doctor about the delivery process and activities to reduce labor pain whenever you feel stressed. Moreover, spending quality time with your partner will reduce your stress level.

You can also plan a short trip with your friends to make your refresh.

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Pregnant sleep is the base of a healthy pregnancy. Sleeping discomfort is common, but you can tackle it easily. It would help if you avoided caffeine to improve your sleep. You can join yoga classes, meditation, and massage therapy to enhance sleep quality.

To avoid breathing issues, you should try to elevate your head when you sleep. I mentioned earlier in the post about the leg cramping. Taking enough fluids can reduce your leg cramping and make you take a sound sleep.

Many research shows negative and positive effects on the mother-to-be and expecting baby due to sleep. The reasons are very in the case of every pregnant woman. But the main point is that pregnant sleep is the most essential.

If you are facing issues with sleeping, that is not good for you, so you should consult your doctor to resolve the sleeping discomfort.

FAQ’s: What Can Help Pregnant Sleep

Here are the most asked questions about pregnant sleep to provide you with more information about sleeping positions during pregnancy:

Q. Can pregnant sleep affect the baby in any way?

A. No, sleep can’t affect the baby, but indirectly it can disturb the proper health of the baby.

Q. What is the best option for sleeping during pregnancy?

A. It would help if you slept on your side. If you feel uncomfortable, you can use the maternity pillow to favor your side.

Q. Should I sleep on my back during pregnancy?

A. No, it is not recommended, as it may put extra weight on the uterus, spine, and back. You can wake up with your back support, but you should avoid sleeping on your back.

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