Can you Wear a Waist Trainer During Early Pregnancy?

Many women asked whether I could wear a waist trainer during early pregnancy. While waist trainers are beneficial for shaping up your body but during pregnancy, is it helpful or harmful? Further in the post, you will see both sides of the waist trainers.

Well, wearing a waist trainer at any stage of the pregnancy can be pretty dangerous. The waist trainers create high compression to reduce the waistline, abdomen, and stomach. Any pressure on the stomach causes pregnancy problems for the mother-to-be and expecting one.

Can you Wear a Waist Trainer During Early Pregnancy?

Who Can Use the Waist Trainer?

Any man or woman can use the waist trainer as they are highly recommended to reduce the waistline and fat around it. But waist trainer during pregnancy is unsafe for the mother and baby. Using a waist trainer can cause miscarriage and other complications to your body. That is why experts don’t recommend wearing waist trainers during pregnancy.

Many women think they can wear a waist trainer in the initial days, but it is hazardous to wear a waist trainer during early pregnancy, so avoid it altogether.

Can Wearing Waist Trainers Cause Miscarriage?

Yes, they can cause miscarriage. As I mentioned, waist trainers compress the stomach, waist and abdomen. That is why they have directly affected the uterus. Pregnancy is the most crucial time we need to take care all the things. Wearing a waist trainer early pregnancy means you are creating complications on your own hands in your pregnancy. They affect the womb and the growth of the baby too that leads you to miscarriage.

Why Should You Not Wear a Waist Trainer During Early Pregnancy?

Waist trainers are the most popular among women as they offer instant slimmer and fit body shape. But the moment you know about your pregnancy, you immediately stop using it.

It can interrupt the baby’s growth, and obviously, you can’t afford your good looking at the cost of a baby’s health. Modern moms are a little extra careful about their figure but trust me; you need not take any stress. Moreover, you can make fit during pregnancy by doing light exercise like yoga, walking, etc. and having the healthiest food entire the pregnancy period.

Here, I am going to explain to you all about possible risks and problems caused by waist trainers during early pregnancy:

1) Breathing Difficulties

Pregnant women need to inhale more oxygen than usual during pregnancy. The relevant hormones in the pregnant body enhance the expansion of the lungs so that you can inhale enough oxygen for yourself and your baby.

Wearing a waist trainer during early pregnancy interrupts this process, and you have started to feel breathing problems. In that condition, your baby is not safe, so avoid wearing a waist trainer during pregnancy.

2) Directly Affect the Baby

If you are wearing a tight waist trainer, it may hurt your baby. It creates pressure on your stomach and abdomen, which can harm your baby inside your womb. Whenever you sit and get up, your stomach feels pressurized, which can harm you and your baby.

3) Interrupt Growth of the Baby

From Day 1 to childbirth, the baby grows in your womb daily. Your body goes through many hormonal changes during pregnancy. Your womb size also started to grow along with the baby’s growth. Wearing a waist trainer can interrupt the baby’s growth. So, you should not wear the waist trainer during early pregnancy.

4) Can Cause Congenital Disabilities in Baby

During pregnancy, the expert advises to have enough rest and healthy foods that are good for you and your baby in the womb. The compression that is created due to wearing a waist trainer can affect the growth of baby’s body parts. And you may give birth to a defected baby.┬áSo, avoid wearing a waist trainer during early pregnancy.

Is there Any Alternative of the Waist Trainer?

Wearing waist trainer during early pregnancy is not safe. Then you can move to choose maternity shapewear as they are comfortable to wear and also skin friendly. You will not feel any irritation with maternity shapewears. They are made of cotton and nylon so you can easily wear them. You will not have any breathing issues with maternity shapewear.

Well, they have nothing to do with the shape of your body, but they offer you enough support to carry your baby. They are too smooth, and you will feel happier and more comfortable using them. Moreover, maternity shapewear is the safest option for you and your baby during pregnancy. So, avoid wearing a waist trainer during early pregnancy or any stage of pregnancy.


I have explained the possible issues caused by waist trainer during early pregnancy. A waist trainer is not safe at all stages of pregnancy. It would be best if you avoided it altogether. Some people may guide you, and you can wear the more prominent size waist trainer. Medical experts highly recommend not to use a waist trainer during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is the most beautiful time for the expecting mother and family. So, why take the risk- avoid using a waist trainer while you are pregnant. After delivery, you also need to ask your doctor about wearing a waist trainer as, at that time, your body is too weak to tolerate any pressure.

FAQs About Wear a Waist Trainer While Pregnant

Women are muddling up many questions about using a waist trainer during early pregnancy. Here I have answered some of them.

Can wearing a waist trainer during early pregnancy cause Organ Prolapse?

The waist trainer creates a high compression on the midsection to offer you hourglass shape. The process is unsafe for the baby as it can prolapse one or more organs of your body.

Can I wear a waist trainer during the third semester of pregnancy?

No, it becomes risky for you and your baby’s health.

Can maternity shapewear help to reduce waistline?

No, it only offers the support you to carry your baby. You will feel a little bit fit wearing them.

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