Is the Pregnancy Test Window Waterproof?

Have you taken a pregnancy test ever? Just remember your experience. Was it well, or were you stuck in any tight spot due to taking a pregnancy test improperly? Many women believe that pregnancy test windows are waterproof.

The pregnancy test window is waterproof or not? To know about it, stay tuned with us.

pregnancy test window

What Is The Pregnancy Test?

The pregnancy test is a way to detect pregnancy through urine at home. You need not go anywhere or anyone’s guidance to take a pregnancy test at home. All the steps are mentioned on the pack, and only you need to follow them to get the most accurate pregnancy results.

The pregnancy test detects the pregnancy based on the hCG level that finds in pregnant women only. A chemical paper is inbuilt into the pregnancy test. When you take a pregnancy test, the chemical paper reacts with your urine to determine the amount of hCG in urine.

 If you get two pink lines, it means you are pregnant. If the pregnancy test window shows one pink line then you are not pregnant. Mostly the pregnancy test’s results are accurate, but in some cases, negligence while taking the test can show you an incorrect or invalid result.

What is the Pregnancy Test Window?

The window of pregnancy test reveals whether you are pregnant or not. There is a specific area of the pregnancy window or testing area on the pregnancy test or kit.

As you put the drops of urine on the pregnancy test, the chemical paper reacts with it, and the pregnancy test window shows the pregnancy test result.

pregnancy test result

Generally, most tests declare the result by showing pink lines, but digital pregnancy tests may show you results in writing as pregnant or not pregnant. This is how the pregnancy test detects your pregnancy at the early stage.

As you get a positive result, immediately go to the doctor for more confirmation about your pregnancy and opt for the pregnancy lifestyle for the proper growth of the fetus.

Is the Pregnancy Test Window Waterproof?

Now the question is whether the window of pregnancy test is waterproof or not. This is a big question among women, but the answer is a big no. The window of the pregnancy test is not waterproof. You need to be more cautious while taking the pregnancy test and the urine should not reach the pregnancy test window.

Otherwise, the window may get blurred and not show a clear result. And there are also chances to get the evaporation line. There is a high possibility of getting an inaccurate pregnancy test result in all scenarios. So, you need to be more careful while taking a pregnancy test.

Even the window can get blurred due to coming in contact with water. So, you need to store the pregnancy test carefully to get the most accurate results.

Is the Expiry Pregnancy Test Window Not Waterproof?

Whether the pregnancy test is expired or not, the window of pregnancy test is not waterproof. Moreover, you should never use the expiry pregnancy test to avoid invalid pregnancy results. The chemical paper installed in the pregnancy test has become ineffective after the expiry date.

There are high chances of getting the wrong results using the expiry pregnancy test. You need to check the expiry date whenever you purchase the pregnancy test. Mostly, they get expire within one year.

So, before using the pregnancy test, you should check the expiry date to see the most accurate result in the pregnancy test window.

Tip To Take The Pregnancy Test Correctly

  • First of all, you need to stay calm for a while when you take the pregnancy test.
  • Open the pregnancy test carefully. It shouldn’t drop on the floor; otherwise, you will get invalid results.
  • Check also the expiry date of the pregnancy test. Don’t use the expiry pregnancy test.
  • After doing the steps mentioned above, you now need to read the instructions about taking a pregnancy test.
  • Follow all the steps carefully to get the correct pregnancy results.
  • You can use the cup to collect the urine. As per the instruction, put some drops of urine in the testing area of the pregnancy kit.
  • Be careful that the urine doesn’t reach the pregnancy test window. As mentioned above, it is not waterproof and can affect pregnancy results.
  • As you put the urine in the testing area within a few seconds, you will know about your pregnancy.
  • If a pregnancy test is positive, you should visit your healthcare provider. And if you get a negative pregnancy test, you must wait for the good news.
  •  You can also take a blood test to detect your pregnancy, but women usually do a pregnancy test at home and then consult with a doctor.


The pregnancy test window is not waterproof at all. You need to be careful while taking a pregnancy test. Handle the pregnancy test properly to get accurate results. The kit should not drop on the floor, which can affect the result of pregnancy test.

All instructions are mentioned on the pack. You must be calm and read the instructions to avoid getting wrong pregnancy test. If you handle everything carefully, you will get the pregnancy test result in a few seconds or minutes.

FAQ’s: Pregnancy Test Window Waterproof

Women have many questions about pregnancy tests. Check out the answers to some of them to enhance your knowledge about using a pregnancy test.

Q. Can I dip my pregnancy test in the urine to get the most accurate result?

A. No, in this way, you surely get inaccurate results. Just follow the steps mentioned in the pregnancy kit to get the correct result.

Q. Can I pee on the pregnancy kit to get the correct pregnancy test?

A. No, the pregnancy test window is not waterproof, so you can get the wrong or invalid pregnancy test results.

Q. Should I keep the pregnancy test in the refrigerator?

A. No, keep the pregnancy test at room temperature. Moreover, the pregnancy test should not come into contact with sunlight directly. It may affect the result.

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