How To Make A Pregnancy Test Positive With Coke? (Easy Steps)

How to make a pregnancy test positive with soda? Does Coke make a pregnancy test positive? Are you one of those who are planning a prank with your partner? And a pregnancy test positive with Coke is on the top of your plan list. But you have doubts whether it will work or not. Say bye to all your worries and execute your plan confidently.

Here you will get the answers to all queries about faking pregnancy tests with Coke. Moreover, I will explain the 100% proof idea to get the fake pregnancy test positive. Before jumping on how to make a pregnancy test positive with Coke, let’s understand how the pregnancy test works to detect pregnancy.

Pregnancy Test Positive With Coke

How Does the Pregnancy Test Work to Confirm Pregnancy?

Can coke make a pregnancy test positive? How to make a pregnancy test positive with coke? A pregnancy test has an enzyme that reacts with the urine to find out the level of the hCG in the urine and blood of a woman. Coke positive pregnancy test show the results based on the presence or absence of the hCG hormone. The presence of the hCG hormone show there is a pregnancy.

On the other hand, a negative hCG result means there is no pregnancy. Every at-home pregnancy test operates in the same manner. Only one method of displaying pregnancy results may differ. Some pregnancy tests display the results of the pregnancy through the pink lines, while others do so by displaying plus and minus signs. You will, however, receive the findings from the digital pregnancy test in terms like “pregnant” and “not pregnant.”

Is It Possible To Make A Pregnancy Test Positive With Coke?

What happens if you put a pregnancy test in coke? Will coke make a pregnancy test positive? Yes, it is quite possible to make a pregnancy test positive with Coke, but before trying, you need to understand the concept related to Coke and pregnancy tests. The pregnancy test’s main work is to determine the level of the hCG in the urine or blood of a woman.

The pregnancy test can react with any liquid, no doubt. But the main concern is whether you will get a coke fake pregnancy test. Some substances like Coke which have sweetness and alkaline properties, the same that hCG contains, can trick the results of the pregnancy test and give you a positive while you are not pregnant.

However, utilizing any pregnancy test with Coke will not result in a positive result. Before planning the positive test prank, you must check which pregnancy test will react with the Coke to show you positive pregnancy results, as not every pregnancy tests help you out with a fake pregnancy test.

So, the best idea is to purchase 4 to 5 pregnancy test brands and check which one will work for you. After selecting the coca cola pregnancy test, now is the time to take the wise steps to execute your plan.

What Should the First Step For Faking a Pregnancy Test Positive With Coke?

The planning ahead to pretend your prank as it is real. After deciding on the pregnancy test brand, you now need to pretend your partner as you have some early pregnancy signs like late periods, sore breasts, excessive tiredness, nausea, and morning sickness in the third trimester.

Your partner becomes suspicious that you are pregnant when you exhibit pregnancy symptoms. All of the odds are now in your favor. Your spouse will think you are pregnant if you show him the pregnancy test.

Point to remember:- Make the pregnancy test positive with a Coke plan some hours before your partner arrive home, as the process can take time to show you positive pregnancy test results.

How Can I Make a Pregnancy Test Positive With Coke?

Does coke give a positive pregnancy test? How to fake a pregnancy test with coke? Here I have mentioned some steps that you need to follow in order to make a pregnancy test positive with Coke:

Step 1: Pregnancy Test

Take the pregnancy test that will work with Coke. I mentioned earlier in the post that you must first try some pregnancy tests to find out the one that can show you fake positive results with Coke.

Step 2: Get A Can Of Coke

To make a pregnancy test positive with Coke, Coke has some properties that can mimic the pregnancy hormone and it is a great choice to prank with your partner and close ones. Take out some coke in a plastic container or cup.

Step 3: Use Of Dropper 

Now take a dropper to drop a few drops of Coke on the testing area of the pregnancy test. Alternatively, you can dip the pregnancy test’s testing area in a cup of Coke. Make sure to use the clean dropper to make a pregnancy test positive with Coke. Even if you had recently purchased the dropper from the market, clean it before using it to avoid tampering with the results and ruining your practical joke.

Step 4: Wait For The Results

You are doing the pregnancy test with Coke rather than pee, so it stands to reason that you won’t get the results in the time frame specified on the package. As a result, you might have to wait a while for the outcome. Keep the kit carefully to show your spouse as soon as the pregnancy test shows two pink lines.

What is the Best Way to Make a Fake Pregnancy Test?

Can coca cola make a pregnancy test positive? Making a pregnancy test positive with Coke is a good idea, but first, you have to find a pregnancy test that can trick pregnancy test results. So, if you do not have enough time to plan your prank, you can buy a fake pregnancy test from the market.

Yes, a fake pregnancy test kit is available in the market that gives you every time a pregnancy test results positive. The ideal idea is to pull practical jokes on your companion because there is no risk of failure. Always remember one thing before planning a pregnancy test prank, the person you are pranking should be comfortable with it.

For the funny couple, a pregnancy test prank is a good idea to spend a whole day with humour. Note: Don’t play fake pregnancy test prank in front of the couple struggling to conceive their baby.


You can make a pregnancy test positive with Coke. Only you need to choose the pregnancy test that can work for you. Buying a fake pregnancy test is a good idea as it will give you positive results every time.

You can also try the expired pregnancy test to get the pregnancy test positive. Can an expired pregnancy test be accurate? The expired pregnancy tests are inaccurate and may give you a false positive, so you can use them for a pregnancy test prank if you have an expired pregnancy test.

FAQs on Pregnancy Test Positive with Coke

Here are the answers to the most asked questions about how to make a pregnancy test positive with Coke that will help you to get a perfect false positive pregnancy test:

What can make a pregnancy test turn positive?

Positive pregnancy tests can result from chemical pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, user mistakes, medication, and evaporation lines.

Will water make a pregnancy test positive?

Yes. Too much water or other liquid intake can make a pregnancy test positive.

Can Coke affect a pregnancy test?

No, drinking coke can’t affect a pregnancy test result. However, the consumption of Coke and soda should not be used when a woman is trying to conceive.

Can I make a pregnancy test positive with Coke?

Yes, it is possible to some extent, but you should have the right pregnancy test that can trick the pregnancy test results.

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Maura Mckinney
1 month ago

Last Sunday, my wife made me fool by showing me a fake pregnancy test. Later, I ultimately bumped when I learned it was a fake pregnancy test. Please do me a favor for me. Tell me how to identify a fake pregnancy test. So, next time I can save myself from being a fool.

James Johnson
James Johnson
1 month ago

I am going to do a Coke pregnancy test prank with my husband for sure. There are many other pranks out there which can give out a fake pregnancy test. Please help me know what are other ways to prank someone about pregnancy that are safe and harmless.

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