Does Taking a Pregnancy Test Apart Make It Invalid?

Women have a long list of questions regarding pregnancy tests: Why does taking a test apart make it invalid? How to read the pregnancy test kit, the meaning of the faint line, whether I can reuse the pregnancy kit and many more.

The blog post contains the answers to your queries about pregnancy tests and their accuracy. So, stay tuned until the last line of the blog.

pregnancy test apart

Why Do Women Go for Taking a Pregnancy Test Apart? 

Whenever the periods stopped, only one question has raised in our minds – Am I pregnant? What do you say? It is obvious pregnancy is the first thought that comes to our mind; that is why we are moving to take a pregnancy test apart.

It is the most convenient and affordable to do the pregnancy test at home, which is why women move to take a pregnancy test apart before going to the doctor.

Most importantly, the pregnancy tests are 90% accurate, so you can use any brand of pregnancy test to know about your pregnancy. The pregnancy kit shows you the result within few seconds.

Everything is mentioned on the pack, so you must follow the instructions to get the most valid pregnancy results. 

What is the Next Step For Women?

To check pregnancy, we mostly go to the nearby pharmacy or online to buy the pregnancy kit. We are anxious about taking a pregnancy test apart, so we quickly rush to the washroom and start to take pregnancy tests.

You need to be more careful to purchase the pregnancy test as if you use an expired pregnancy test, there is a high chance of getting invalid results.

The expired pregnancy test loses its capacity to check on the hCG level in the urine, and you may get false pregnancy results. So, always check the expiry date on the pack before purchasing it from anywhere online or offline.

What is the Pregnancy Test Kit? 

The pregnancy test kit is the best for taking a pregnancy test apart and offers the results in a few seconds. It is a urine-based test, and you can do it at home easily. 

The process has been given on the pack so you can read it and find out in a few seconds whether you are pregnant or not. So, if you want quick pregnancy results, you should take the pregnancy test apart at home before going for a blood test.

And most importantly, if you get positive pregnancy results, then immediately book an appointment and to know about the precautions to enjoy a healthy and happy pregnancy.

If you get a negative pregnancy test, wait around one week and retake the test to know about your pregnancy. Still, if you get a negative pregnancy test but doubt on the results, then you must visit your midwife to get the most accurate results.

How Does the Pregnancy Test Kit Work? 

You will be pregnant if the hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG, is present in your urine. The pregnancy tests work on the same fact; they are looking for hCG, which is usually produced by the cell in the placenta only if you are pregnant.

A chemical paper is inbuilt into the pregnancy kit. When you put the drops of urine in the testing area, the chemical paper reacts with the urine to show pregnancy results.

Don’t use old and expired pregnancy kits; otherwise, you get the wrong pregnancy results that may put you under stress. Store the pregnancy kit carefully as it drops on the floor; you will also get invalid pregnancy results.

The pregnancy test kit’s window is not waterproof, so handle it carefully. If you drop the urine on the window, it gets blurred, and you will not be able to see the results. The pregnancy kit may also show false pregnancy tests.

The water or any liquid can react with the pregnancy kit and show invalid results, so you must be more careful while taking the pregnancy test apart.

The last thing is that a woman’s body produces the hCG hormone about 6 to 12 days after conception. So, when taking a pregnancy test apart, remember this to avoid getting false pregnancy results.

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How Soon Can I Take A Pregnancy Test?

It would help if you waited until your missed periods to get accurate pregnancy results. It is a perfect time to avoid the stress of false results or invalid pregnancy test.

Usually, a pregnant lady’s body takes 6 to 12 days to produce a detectable level of hCG. If you take the test before this period, you may get invalid results.

Here I have mentioned some signs when you go to take a pregnancy test:

Getting Missed Your Periods

It is the most reliable sign of pregnancy. As per the reports, 70 to 80 per cent of women finds themselves pregnant after getting missed periods. Sometimes stress, diet, or any medications may also be a reason for delayed or skipped periods.

You should contact your midwife if you get a positive pregnancy test and still have bleeding or spotting.

Having Cramps

Implantation of the egg can produce feelings of menstrual cramps. You feel you are about to get your period, but later, when you take the pregnancy test, you find you are pregnant.

Having Sore Breast

Due to hormone changes during pregnancy, your breasts may tender, and you may also feel pain. So, if you are facing breast discomfort, you may get pregnant. 

However, the breast discomfort doesn’t indicate pregnancy, but you once need to check to know about your pregnancy.

Having Some Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Suppose you have early pregnancy symptoms like nausea, food aversion, and frequent urination. These kinds of symptoms prompt women to take pregnancy tests to detect pregnancy.

Your Contraception Failed

Birth control pills and condoms don’t provide 100% protection, so if you use them but also have pregnancy symptoms, you should take pregnancy test.

If you get a positive pregnancy result, then immediately visit your healthcare provider to take the right decision about this unplanned pregnancy and further process.

What are the Possible Results of the Pregnancy Test?

result of the pregnancy test

Taking a pregnancy test apart will give you the following two first answers, but if you don’t follow the instructions, you may get the third outcome. Let’s checkout.

  • Line:-If you see a single line in the c (control) field, you are not pregnant.
  • Lines:-If you see the two lines in the pregnancy kit window, then good news for you means you are pregnant.
  • Invalid:-If you don’t see any line in the pregnancy window that means the test is invalid, then it is advisable to retake it.

What are the Pregnancy Test Instructions?

Following are the pregnancy test instructions to get the correct result instant and avoid the invalid pregnancy test-

Pregnancy Test Instructions
  • Before purchasing the pregnancy kit for taking a pregnancy test apart, you need to check the expiry date that is mentioned on the pack
  • Carefully remove the plastic cap to reveal the absorbent part of the stick
  • Dip the absorbent tip in the urine that you have collected in a small clean container
  • Make sure sufficient urine collection is collected in the test tip
  • Recap the device
  • Now place the test stick on the flat surface
  • Wait for the exact time that is mentioned on the pregnancy test kit to get the correct result.

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What Causes An Invalid Pregnancy Test Result?

Here are some points that can make the pregnancy test invalid:

  • Not reading the instructions correctly before taking a pregnancy test apart.
  • If you store the pregnancy kit in the refrigerator or excessive heat area.
  • Open the wrap too long before taking a pregnancy test apart.
  • Don’t put adequate drops of the urine to get it detected in the C area.
  • Not waiting enough to read the result. The time duration has mentioned on the pack, so read it carefully and have the patience to get the result.
  • Waiting for a long time as the mentioned time has passed or you don’t notice the result at that moment, there are chances the results have changed due to constant evaporation of urine.

What Should I Do After an Invalid Pregnancy Test Result?

Discard the pregnancy kit and try another trusted brand pregnancy kit after some time of taking a pregnancy test apart. However, first urine is the best to detect the accurate result of pregnancy, but you can also take the pregnancy test any time of the day. You will get accurate results.

All the pregnancy kits are different, so first read the instruction and then take the pregnancy test apart to get an accurate result. So, follow the instructions on the packet to get the best results. Then also you have doubts about the result, ask your healthcare provider to take the blood test and other tests. 

How to Avoid Pregnancy Test Errors? 

Here is a quick overview of the instructions that you should follow to avoid pregnancy test errors:-

Perfect time:- Whenever you are taking a pregnancy test apart then choosing the perfect time is also necessary. Don’t try the pregnancy test on your assumptions but need to wait till your period gets missed.

Read the instruction carefully:-  It is the most crucial step to getting accurate results from the pregnancy test. Read all the steps mentioned on the pack twice to get the pregnancy test done correctly.

Don’t check the result twice:-  Some women first perform the pregnancy test and get the result positive or negative, then they will check again; it is their mistake. Sometimes the result may change if you have any doubts about the result; then again, use the pregnancy kit to test.

Believe the results:- If you find two pink lines on the window of the pregnancy kit, it means you are pregnant, And the color of the line is light pink, then also the result is positive. Still, if you have any doubt, visit your health care provider to run another for more accuracy about your pregnancy. So, if you are taking a pregnancy test apart, then believe also results.

Retake the pregnancy test:- If you find a negative result, you should retake the test after at least one week. Sometimes, it is too early for the pregnancy kit to detect the hCG level in the urine, and you may become pregnant.

You should retake the pregnancy test if you don’t notice the signs of getting periods.


Pregnancy is the most emotional time. When you are trying to get pregnant, you are ready for it. It is essential to detect the pregnancy early so you can take the proper precautions to enjoy the pregnancy.

Don’t panic while taking a pregnancy test apart. You only need to follow the instructions to get the correct pregnancy result. And within a few seconds, the pregnancy results will be in your hand.


Here are answers to the most asked questions about taking the pregnancy test apart:

Q. Does an invalid pregnancy test apart means you are pregnant?

A. An invalid pregnancy test means that the kit has not detected your pregnancy, whether you are pregnant or not. You need to retake the pregnancy test to get accuracy about your pregnancy.

Q. When should I take the pregnancy test?

A. You can do it any time but early morning is the best time to take the test as the first urine can give the best accurate results.

Q. Does taking a pregnancy test apart make it invalid?

A. Yes, it may be possible if you don’t follow the instructions to take the pregnancy test.

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Maura Willa
Maura Willa
5 months ago

I am a 50-year-old woman. Since June, I have had no periods. 1-2 weeks ago, I did 5 pregnancy tests and all of them were negative. I am not experiencing any symptoms other than this. What should I consider this as, A menopause or am I expecting?

kerin taylor
kerin taylor
5 months ago

Even though it has been three days since my last period, the line is almost three shades lighter. Is this a natural pregnancy or a miscarriage? If someone gets an invalid result, what steps should they take next should I take another test immediately?

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