When To Take a Pregnancy Test After Implant Removal?

Suppose you are one of those who are using a birth control implant. In that case, it is obvious to wonder when you may get a positive pregnancy test after implant removal and what is the right time for taking a pregnancy test after implant removal.

When To Take a Pregnancy Test After Implant Removal?

The right time to become pregnant again also varies from woman to woman. To know all information about birth control implant, how does it work, when you can plan pregnancy after implant removal, etc., stay tuned with us till the article’s last line.

What is Implant?

The contraceptive implant ( Nexplanon or birth control implant) is a small device that looks like a matchstick that can prevent pregnancy for up to three years. It is biggest rid of having the daily pill to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

It is a flexible plastic rod inserted under your upper arm’s skin. The insertion of the contraception implant is a small process that an expert doctor and nurse do. The implant is a long-term contraception, which is why couples have many questions about when to take a pregnancy test after implant removal.

How does an implant work to prevent pregnancy?


The progestogen hormone (AKA etonogestrel) is present in the implant and works as a contraception to prevent pregnancy. The main task of the hormone is to stop the release of the egg from the ovary. Progestogen hormone thickens the cervix’s mucus, stopping sperm from reaching the egg.

When the sperm do not meet up with the egg, you cannot get pregnant. Besides it, the hormones thin the lining of the womb there is nil chance of a fertilized egg implanting itself. And you can quickly get the positive pregnancy test after implant removal.

From Where Can I Get the Contraceptive Implant?

It is strange for those grabbing knowledge about the implant for the first time as the device is only available in the UK. Even the birth control implantation service is provided free of charge in US. So, if you want to avail of this service, then you can get information in your area in the UK online.

Before taking for contraceptive implantation, there is no need for any internal examination like a smear test or breast examination. For the implantation process, there is only one essential thing that you should not be pregnant at the time of implantation.

Doctors can recommend a pregnancy test to check whether you are pregnant or not. Three stages lead you to get pregnant are following:-

  • Ovulation
  • Sperm moving through the cervix
  • Implantation

The contraceptive implant interrupts all three stages to prevent you from getting pregnant.

How Effective is the Contraceptive Implant?

The contraceptive implant is one of the best contraceptives that is more than 99% effective. Only 1 of the 100 women with the implant get pregnant each year. The implant is entirely reliable to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

The contraceptive implant prevents you from getting pregnant for up to 3 years. You also feel free with the implant as you don’t need to remember to take pills, and it is the best way to avoid accidental pregnancy.

Only you need to use a condom with the implant as it does not prevent you from getting infected at the time of love-making. In that way, you can enjoy your sexual life without any worry. Whenever you want, you can plan to take positive pregnancy test after implant removal.

How is the Contraceptive Implant Placed?

As I mentioned above in the article, the implant is like a matchstick and is placed on the arm’s upper skin in just a few minutes. The birth control implant can be placed at any point during the menstrual cycle, but the only condition is that you should not be pregnant.

The medical expert also advises not to be involved in any unprotected love-making activity to avoid falling pregnant. Once you reach the process, the clinician’ will ask about your medical history.

Before the implantation, you have to take the pregnancy test. After getting your negative report, the clinician will inject the upper arm with a small dose of the local anaesthetic.

Once the skin gets numbed, the clinician will insert the contraceptive Implant under the skin. You will feel a little bit strange but not any pain.

The particular device is used to insert an implant under the skin. The wound is like a small cut and will heal soon. After healing, you will not feel any pain if you touch the skin area. You can also discuss with clinician about getting positive pregnancy test after implant removal.

What is the Process of Taking Out the Contraceptive Implant?

The trained doctor will give local anaesthetic around the implant’s placement. Then he will make a small cut and pull out the implant. After that, he will dress the wound to heal it.

If the doctor can’t feel the implant, he will refer you to a specialist center where the implant will be taken out with the help of an ultrasound. If you want to insert a new implant, the doctor will insert it simultaneously. That is how you can keep continuing your contraceptive protection. The implant can be removed at any time, as you requested.

When should I Take a Pregnancy Test After Implant Removal?

How quickly to take a pregnancy test after implant removal can vary as per the situation. If the implant is taken out correctly, you can take a pregnancy test after implant removal within 7 to 10 days to find out the results of your pregnancy. But if any mistake is made while taking out the implant, you can take several months to get pregnant after recovery of the fertile function.

If you want to avoid taking pregnancy test after implant removal, use other contraception before involving any sexual activity. If you want to conceive and have been involved in any sexual activity, you must take a pregnancy test after implant removal within 7 to 14 days. There are chances to get pregnant. And if you miss your period, it is the most significant indicator of your pregnancy.

If you want to conceive, then it is ok to go for love-making without protection but if you want to avoid pregnancy, then immediately start to use any contraception.

What Are the Benefits of the Contraceptive Implant?

Here are some benefits of using contraceptive implants:-


The contraception implant works for up to 3 years, so you will feel stress-free about getting unwanted pregnancy. Only you need to be aware as you can get a positive pregnancy test after implant removal within one or two weeks.

15-Minute Process

You have to go through a 15-minute process only, and you are free to enjoy your sexual life without any worry for up to 3 years.

Fast Reversal

You have to wait only for a maximum of 14 days to get a positive pregnancy test after implant removal.

Relief in Pain

As Per the report, some of the women’s painful periods improved using the contraceptive implant.

Are There Any Drawbacks of the Contraceptive Implant?

However there are several benefits of the implant, but a few drawbacks are also with it that are listed below:


For the complete process of the contraceptive implant, you have to pay about $600 or more. For implant removal, you have to pay $100 or more. The cost of the implant is the biggest drawback of the implant.

Risk of STDs

The contraceptive implant does not prevent you from STDs. To avoid diseases, you have to use condoms and other protections.

Are There Side Effects of Contraceptive Implants?

The hormone released through the contraceptive implant may cause side effects to some women but not everyone. Many people use an implant with no risk or issues at all. Some women’s bodies will take a few months to get used to the contraceptive implant. If you take the contraceptive implant, your body will take some time to adjust to it. So, don’t worry. Give some time to your body to get used to the hormone.

Side Effects of Contraceptive Implants

Light bleeding and brown discharge are the most common side effects of the implant that a woman has to face for at least the first 6 to 12 months. The periods can get heavier or longer with the implant in some cases for some women. While some women find their periods get lighter.

Some women get stopped getting periods completed after getting the contraceptive implant. But don’t worry. It is entirely safe and you start getting period back and plan to get positive pregnancy test after implant removal.

Rarely some women may face the following side effects with contraceptive implantation:

  • Painful Breast
  • Weight Gain
  • Nausea
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Infection around the area where the implant has been inserted
  • Pain in your arm

If you are facing significant issues with the implant, you can talk to your to remove it. After that, you can consult your doctor for other ways of birth control. If you don’t want to get a positive pregnancy test after implant removal, then you should avoid sexual activity in the meantime.

People are trying different birth control methods to choose the best one. Remember, before using any birth control method, first take a pregnancy test after implant removal. As we know, not being pregnant is the must condition to take any contraception.

Millions of people use contraceptive implants without any issues, and they work 99% to avoid unplanned pregnancies. There is no severe complication with nexplanon (contraceptive implant).

Before the implant, do not hide any medical details from your doctor, as some medications can put you at serious risk. Otherwise, you can use a nexplanon implant without any worry.

Are There Any Side Effects After Implant Removal?

You may have some temporary side effects, but they will go after a few months. When a contraceptive implant is inserted, you stop your periods, and after removing the implant, you will get back your periods.

Returning to your period routine, which you had before the contraceptive implant, can take a few months. But during this time, you can get a positive pregnancy test after implant removal, so you need to be concerned about it.

Not everyone’s body is the same, so the body’s reactions will differ. Some may or may not have any complications after implant removal. But don’t worry; any adverse side effects will go on within a few months.

If you are worried about the side effects of the nexplanon, talk to a doctor before the process. And also consult with your doctor about grabbing positive pregnancy test after implant removal for future family planning.


The contraceptive implant is the best way to prevent becoming pregnant without planning. The process is simple and painless. But it would be best to remember that you may get a positive pregnancy test after implant removal between 7 to 14 days.

So, once the contraceptive implant is removed, you have to use the implant again or any other way of birth control method. The implant lasts up to 3 years but can be removed at any time at your request.

You start having your periods again within a few months. But you must use any contraceptive to avoid getting a positive pregnancy test after implant removal.

The side effects of using implants are harmless. Even they all get vanish within a few months. If you continuously suffer from Pain or any discomfort, you should visit your doctor. You are free to choose the right time to take positive pregnancy test after implant removal.


Here are the answers to the most asked questions about getting a pregnancy test after implant removal to enhance your knowledge about the process:

Q. Does the contraceptive implant prevent STDs?

A. Nope. The contraceptive implant can’t protect to prevent STDs (Sexually transmitted diseases). Using condoms is the best way to reduce your chances of getting or spreading STDs.

Q. Can I get pregnant with the contraception implant inserted?

A. The implant is 99% effective, but there is a 1% chance of becoming pregnant. However, it happens rarely. 

Q. Can any women take contraceptive implants?

A. Women who are already pregnant can’t use the contraceptive implant. More than it, women with breast cancer, liver disease, a history of blood clots, and vaginal bleeding can’t use the implant.

Q. When does a contraceptive implant start to work?

A. Suppose the contraceptive implant has been inserted in the first five days of the menstrual cycle. In that case, it will protect you from getting pregnant from the same moment. If the implant has been placed on any other day of the menstrual cycle. Then you must use another contraception, like a condom, for at least seven days.

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