Will You Get a Positive Pregnancy Test While Breastfeeding?

Have you recently delivered a baby? And you are feeling wondering about your next pregnancy, getting a positive pregnancy test while breastfeeding, conceiving a new baby, and so on. There are so many myths among people about unwanted pregnancy during breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is not only a nursing period but creates a bond between mom and baby. Now, the query is that breastfeeding moms can get pregnant. Yes, they can get pregnant like any other time in their adult life. Breastfeeding can inhibit ovulation to some extent but can’t stop the process.

Breastfeeding can’t affect pregnancy tests. So, if you take a pregnancy test while breastfeeding and get the two pink lines, that means you are pregnant. You probably get positive pregnancy test while breastfeeding. You need to consult your healthcare provider for further doing.

Positive Pregnancy Test While Breastfeeding

Can Breastfeeding Affect the Accuracy of the Pregnancy Test?

Let’s understand how pregnancy tests work to detect pregnancy. Finding the hCG level (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the urine or blood is the main task of the pregnancy test. The production of hCG in the body of women is possible only in the case of pregnancy. Many hormones are highly active in the breastfeeding process, but these hormones can’t affect the result of pregnancy results as the pregnancy test is designed to search the amount of hCG only.

You can use any brand of a pregnancy test, like ClearBlue, as 90% of the home pregnancy test works well to provide you with an accurate pregnancy test. But the one condition is here only- follow the instructions mentioned on the pack. So, if you get the positive pregnancy test while breastfeeding then it means you are pregnant.

Can I Get a Positive Pregnancy Test While Breastfeeding?

Some people rely on the myth- they can’t get pregnant while actively breastfeeding. But it is not correct about the relationship between pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is not reliable contraception to prevent pregnancy. You can’t use breastfeeding as birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancy. As mentioned earlier in the post, breastfeeding can only suppress ovulation, but you can’t use it in the form of birth control.

Whether your periods resume or not, you can get pregnant. Even if you have irregular periods then, also you can get pregnant. Breastfeeding is not an exception to avoiding unplanned pregnancies. Finding a positive pregnancy test while breastfeeding will be valid as the home test kits tell the results by detecting the hCG level in your urine. Breastfeeding doesn’t affect the level of the hCG.

Although breastfeeding can provide some protection from ovulation as you recently release a mature egg from one of your ovaries. You could get pregnant before getting your first period. So, you should take proper precautions to avoid unplanned pregnancy.

How Is it Possible to Get a Positive Pregnancy Test While Breastfeeding?

Oxytocin and prolactin are the key players in milk production and the let-down reflex. As the level of these hormones has increased, it suppresses the brain from making the hormones that are responsible for ovulation.

When a nursing mother is breastfeeding excessively, that reduces the chances of getting pregnant, but it does not mean you won’t ovulate or conceive. You may get the positive pregnancy test while breastfeeding. The protective effects of breastfeeding will occur less as the month’s pass. So, you should consult your doctor and discuss contraception to unwanted avoid pregnancy.

Can I Use Breastfeeding as Safety Protection to Avoid Pregnancy?

As I mentioned earlier, it is not an effective way in the long run to prevent pregnancy, but if you want to use the method to prevent yourself from getting pregnant or don’t want a positive pregnancy test while breastfeeding, then consider the following things:

  • Provide efficient feeding to your baby within 2-3 hours during the day and night, or you can choose the appropriate time based on your baby’s demand.
  • Exclusive breastfeeding to your baby and don’t try to introduce any solid food until they are six months old.
  • If your periods return to the routine, choose another safety protection to prevent pregnancy.
  • If you return to your job, breastfeeding won’t work for you anymore as you don’t have sufficient time to feed your baby.

Breastfeeding is a temporary method to prevent pregnancy. It can work for some time in some women’s cases, but not for every woman.

What are the Chances to Get Positive Pregnancy Test While Breastfeeding?

If a mother uses breastfeeding properly as birth control, it can be effective at almost 98%. This means there are 20% chances of getting pregnant while breastfeeding. But the condition is that you have to give only breast milk to your baby. But the idea can work only for the first six months. After that, your chances of getting pregnant will increase.

The scenario can vary from woman to woman as some may get pregnant after six months, and others will take a longer time to get pregnant again. If you are continuously making love without protection, then there is high chances to get positive pregnancy test while breastfeeding. To avoid the situation, don’t rely on breastfeeding as contraception only.

Can You Continue Breastfeeding While Pregnant?

Yes, you can continue breastfeeding after obtaining positive pregnancy test while breastfeeding. There is no restriction to breastfeeding while pregnant, but it ensures you take proper diet.

You need enough calories for your breastfeeding baby, growing baby, and yourself. In the early months of pregnancy, your breastfeeding baby can refuse breast milk as the pregnancy can affect the supply or production of your milk.

Make sure to increase your diet in the second and third trimesters, as the baby needs more nutrition for proper growth. Have you heard about the technique- the art of listening to your body?

That is the most important for a pregnant woman. We do not have a set of fixed rules and regulations to tackle pregnancy efficiently, as not every women’s pregnancy is the same. Ghee in the diet can be good for some women, but others may face gas issues.

The main reason is that all women are different, and our digestion system works differently—the what to do. Listen to your body. If you are comfortable with breastfeeding, it is ok to continue; otherwise, you don’t need to take pain as you are not alone now.

Making healthy food choices is essential to enjoy the happiest and healthiest pregnancy. Healthy food can help you to resolve dozens of problems during pregnancy. So, be careful about your diet throughout your pregnancy.

Is It Safe to Breastfeed During Pregnancy?

Most women think breastfeeding is unsafe during pregnancy as breastfeeding may cause uterine contractions. It can induce preterm labor in some women’s cases. Yes, but it may happen rarely.

Uterine contractions will not create any issues to lead to a healthy pregnancy. You need to worry too much. Moreover, the small amount of oxytocin hormone releases during breastfeeding that can cause uterine contractions.

So, the hormone is completely harmless for you and your healthy pregnancy. You can go for breastfeeding despite being pregnant. Still, you should be careful about taking a balanced diet, plenty of rest, fluid intake, appropriate nipple care, etc., to enjoy the new pregnancy journey.

However, there are some cases when medical experts suggest to stop breastfeed after grabbing positive pregnancy test during breastfeeding. Here we go:

  • If there is any risk of having a miscarriage.
  • After the second trimester, when your unborn baby needs more nutrients for growth and also makes you excessively tired.
  • During the last trimester when nipple stimulation may lead to contractions.

What Are the Common Signs of Pregnancy While Breastfeeding?

If you get positive pregnancy test while breastfeeding, it is important to find out about the pregnancy as soon as possible. Here are some signs that indicate your pregnancy while breastfeeding:

Feeling Excessive Thirst

You are having frequent thirst while breastfeeding is common as your breastfeeding baby is taking major chunks of fluid from your body in the form of breast milk. But if you become pregnant, your thirst will increase, and you need to take fluids frequently as a new baby also requires fluid and will be taken from your body.

Increasing fluid demand is a common sign of pregnancy. If you feel that, then immediately take the pregnancy test. There are chances to get a positive pregnancy test while breastfeeding.


It is the commonest sign of pregnancy whether you are breastfeeding or not. But in the later cases, you will feel more tired than usual. Most women face tiredness during the end of the first trimester, but the breastfeeding mother may feel tired from the Day 1 of the pregnancy. If you feel excessively low energy to complete your daily task, then you may get positive pregnancy test while breastfeeding.

Decreased Milk Production

You are breastfeeding your baby as per the normal schedule, but your baby remains hungry and constantly cries for milk. It means your baby is not getting sufficient milk. If you feel your breast milk production is decreased, it may signify pregnancy.

Second thing, if the milk production is well, but your baby is refusing to take breast milk, that is also a sign of pregnancy as the taste of milk can change due to pregnancy; that is why babies refuse to take breast milk. So, in both cases, you should take a pregnancy test to clear your doubts about pregnancy.


Cramping is when you feel your period is about to come, but it never happens. There is a great possibility of pregnancy if you are feeling cramping with spotting while breastfeeding.

Having Pain in the Breast

Having tender and painful breasts during breastfeeding is normal. But suddenly, you feel excessive pain in your nipples and experience enhanced nipple sensitivity, and then you can get positive pregnancy test while breastfeeding.

Morning Sickness

Nausea and vomiting are considered morning sickness. 80 to 90 per cent of pregnancies start from morning sickness. But if you become pregnant while breastfeeding, then you will experience a level-up of morning sickness. Immediately order a home pregnancy kit and take the pregnancy test properly. There are chances to get a positive pregnancy test while breastfeeding.

Spike In Level Of Hunger

It is obvious to increase the level of hunger while breastfeeding, but if you will feel sudden increments in your level of hunger with other pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, tender breasts, cramping etc. Then you may grab positive pregnancy test while breastfeeding. You need to take a pregnancy test to break the net of the doubts.


Breastfeeding doesn’t work as permanent birth control. It depends on when you get your periods back into the routine and how much breastfeeding you give to your baby. Ovulation can happen even after one or two weeks, and breastfeeding can only suppress it for some time.

You may get a positive pregnancy test while breastfeeding if you are making physical contact without any protection. The best way is to consult your doctor about birth control pills to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

After knowing, you are pregnant, and you don’t try to illuminate breastfeeding as it can affect the health of your breastfed baby. Don’t create panic. Please consult your doctor, and they will give you the best advice on when to breastfeed or when not.

I already mentioned some conditions when you must stop breastfeeding your baby in the article. Breastfeeding during pregnancy is completely harmless, but only you need to pay more attention towards your diet and routine.

FAQs About Positive Pregnant While Breastfeeding

Here is the answer to the most commonly asked questions about positive pregnancy test while breastfeeding:

What are the typical pregnancy symptoms while breastfeeding?

The typical pregnancy symptoms are tiredness, sore breasts, and nausea.

Do I need to wean to get pregnant?

No, breastfeeding doesn’t affect pregnancy or fertility in any way.

Can breastfeeding be a reason for miscarriage during pregnancy?

Breastfeeding can be the reason for miscarriage only for high-risk mothers. Women with a history of f uterine pain, bleeding, or preterm labor is suggested not to breastfeed. If you are not high risk, then you can continue breastfeeding can’t be harmful to you.

Is it safe to breastfeed after getting positive pregnancy test while breastfeeding?

It is entirely safe to breastfeed while pregnant as your body will produce efficient milk to nourish your baby. You need to follow a healthy diet for your unborn baby to keep the fetus’s health in check.

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