Why Are There No Reusable Pregnancy Tests?

Couples have many ifs and buts about reusable pregnancy tests. Getting to know about pregnancy is a fantastic feeling for couples. But the moment can be a mess if the pregnancy test tells false results.

Women excitedly purchase the home pregnancy kit or digital pregnancy kits and take the pregnancy test. To be more sure about the pregnancy, they reused it, and all confusion starts from that moment.

To know everything about pregnancy tests or a reusable pregnancy tests, Stay with us till the last line of the article.

Reusable Pregnancy Tests

How does the Pregnancy Test Work?

The pregnancy test is the most convenient way to know about pregnancy at home. For that, you only need to buy a pregnancy test kit, and within two minutes, you will get know whether you are pregnant or not.

The pregnancy test is based on the chemical paper that reacts to the urine to determine the amount of hCG. The hormone hCG is the primary factor to tell you about pregnancy.

If your urine has hCG means you are pregnant, and the absence of hCG in your urine shows you are not pregnant. The pregnancy tests are designed in a specific way and can only be used once.

Whether using the home or digital pregnancy kit, you can use the pregnancy test only once. They are not reusable pregnancy tests. Once you use the pregnancy test, discard it in the dustbin.

If you want to retake the test, go to the pharmacy and buy another one to get more accurate results.

Are Pregnancy Tests Pregnancy Tests?

Pregnancy Tests are too sensitive and designed to trace a minor amount of the hCG in your urine. A chemical reaction occurs to detect the presence of hCG between the inbuilt chemical paper in the pregnancy kit and your urine.

If you get two pink lines, it means you are pregnant; on the other hand, if you get only one line, it means the hCG is not detected in your urine, and you are not pregnant.

Once the chemical reaction takes place, It can’t happen again which is why they are not reusable pregnancy tests. The chemical in the kit has been used and can’t go back to the pre-chemical stage again. The pregnancy test kits are not reusable at all.

The more thing is there, the pregnancy test does not react with urine only, but if it comes in contact accidentally with the water or any other liquid, it will react. And the life of the pregnancy kit has ended at the moment.

So, When the pregnancy test has been exposed once, it causes a chemical reaction, and the life of the kit ends there. Even if the pregnancy kit had shown an invalid result on the first use, the kit has been used once, and you can’t use the kit again. All tests are not reusable pregnancy tests so, buy a new one quickly.

Positive Pregnancy Result

What to do if You Get a Positive Pregnancy Result From Reusing the Pregnancy Test?

When the strip is exposed to urine or any other liquid then chemicals reaction happens; if you reuse the pregnancy test, a line may or may not appear on the window of the pregnancy kit.

After some time, it evaporates, and you can get a faint or very faint line. It is an evaporation line that can create confusion about your pregnancy. Do not get your hopes high by assuming you could indeed be pregnant.

Purchase another kit and retake the test to get accurate results about your pregnancy. Even if you can discuss it with your doctor, they may prescribe you a blood test to confirm your pregnancy. Not all test kits are reusable pregnancy tests, so it is better idea to purchase another one.

 Is there any Pregnancy Kit that Can Be Reused?

Yes, some digital reusable pregnancy tests can be reuse as they come with detachable strips. First, insert a strip into the pregnancy kit device and put some drops of urine on the defined area to detect the hCG level.

After getting the results, discard the used strip and insert the new one if you want to retake the test.


Usually, there are no reusable pregnancy tests available in the market. If multiple strips of pregnancy kits are available, the cost will be very high. If you don’t insert the strip carefully, it can show you an invalid result. The best way to buy a new pregnancy test kit is to get valid results.

Women are more sensitive about pregnancy, so they want to take the test two or three times before going to the doctor.

If you have bought a normal pregnancy kit, don’t try to reuse it; go to the pharmacy and buy the new one to get the most accurate pregnancy results.


Many women have a bulk of queries about reusable pregnancy tests.

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about reusable pregnancy tests:

Q. Can I pee on a pregnancy test twice to sure my pregnancy?

A. No, you can use the pregnancy test only once, as they are not reusable.

Q. Can I use the pregnancy kit again if I get invalid results?

A. No, the pregnancy kit may be expired. In that case, you should go to the pharmacy to buy a new pregnancy kit, and this time first check the expiry and manufacturing date of the kit.

Q. Can ‘digital pregnancy test kit’ be reused?

A. No, It detects pregnancy hormones and tells you about your pregnancy but is not reusable.

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