Let’s Dive In The World of Maternity. I am a mother of two lovely daughters, Adhira and Amyra. During my first pregnancy, I faced so much morning sickness, nausea, heartburn, and so many others things. I had to meet so many pregnancy problems, and there was no one near me to guide me to tackle them to make my pregnancy enjoyable.

I had so much anxiety about the baby’s health, labor pain, and delivery during my first pregnancy. But during the second pregnancy, I had enough strength to face the first, second, or third-trimester pregnancy problems.

Why did I feel less stressed during the second pregnancy? Because I knew the process, the diet I should take, the exercise routine I should follow, and so many things to make the pregnancy super cool and the most memorable time of my life.


Experts say,” maternity brings pain and many discomforts for us, but once the baby arrives in our hand, all vanishes within seconds. That is the power of maternity or motherhood and also my inspiration to write blogs to share the best knowledge with the expecting mother so that they can enjoy their maternity.

Here you will get to know everything about maternity, pregnancy complications, how to improve digestion issues, second pregnancy issues, when to start wearing maternity clothes, uses of okra water, and many more.

What Is Maternity?

It is the journey of a pregnant lady to become a mother. A woman has to face many complications, from being pregnant to giving birth to a baby. After giving birth to a baby, the care a mother gives her baby and her bond with the baby is part of maternity. 

Our blog is all about these pregnancy complications and their solutions. Here we are doing efforts to make motherhood enjoyable for mothers. On this platform, we talk about all ups and downs that a woman has to face during pregnancy.

We provide valuable content in the simplest form to the readers so that the readers can find some unique ways to enjoy maternity. When a woman gets pregnant, she enters a world of wonders where she has to face different complications or challenges anywhere anytime.

What Is the First Step of Maternity?

When you use the pregnancy kit and get positive results, that is the beginning point of motherhood. And your new life begins from here; what is the pregnancy kit, how to use pregnancy kit, is the pregnancy kit window waterproof, and many more? 

Understanding of the Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy is the only thought that comes to your mind when first time you miss your period. After one year of marriage, I missed my period. Then, the same thought came into my mind, and I decided to take a pregnancy test, but I had of confusion about buying the pregnancy test. And I know the first timer faces these kinds of issues.

But don’t worry; I am here to help you to overcome these issues. Women are too much excited about their first pregnancy. But feel calm and discuss this thing with your partner. Most couples first decide to take the home pregnancy test and then visit the doctor.

And this is the right way to know about your pregnancy. The second thought can put you under stress about the accuracy of the pregnancy test. Don’t worry at all. The pregnancy tests are 99% accurate. You only need to follow the instructions mentioned on the pack carefully.

Otherwise, there are chances to get invalid or false pregnancy results. Now you must be thinking, what are the invalid pregnancy results? Finding no lines on the pregnancy test window is called invalid pregnancy results.

Don’t worry. It happens rarely. You need to remember only one thing – First, read the instructions before taking a pregnancy test. Don’t create any panic with the results of the pregnancy test. They are accurate. If you get a positive pregnancy test, you are pregnant, and you need to consult your doctor to discuss prenatal care.

If you get negative results, then you are not pregnant. There can be one more reason to get negative results – testing early. So, if you are taking the pregnancy test before missing your period, you may get a negative pregnancy test, but you may actually be pregnant.

You must retake the pregnancy test after 2 to 4 days to get the most accurate results. The hCG hormone can only produce in a pregnant woman after 6 to 8 days of conception. That is why taking the pregnancy test after the missed period is always recommended.

Some highly sensitive pregnancy test brands like clear blue are also available in the market. If you want to test early, you can try the highly sensitive pregnancy test. But then also, I would say always take the pregnancy test after you miss your period to get the most accurate pregnancy test results.

I hope you understand the basic concept of taking the pregnancy test. Now some of you must be thinking about the best brand of the pregnancy test. You can buy any trusted pregnancy test brand like Prega News, Clear Blue, First Response, etc.

Where to Buy?

The pregnancy tests are available at the chemist shop near you. You can purchase it. I am telling you some instructions to buy the correct pregnancy test.

Tell me, what will be your actions if I tell you to buy any food item? Let me tell you. You will check the ingredients on the pack and surely check the expiry and manufacturing date, right. In the same way, you need to check the expiry date of the pregnancy test.

You need to check the expiry date of the pregnancy test also. Most pregnancy tests expire after one to three years after the manufacture date.

Yes! You may be surprised to know that pregnancy test also expires. If you use the expired pregnancy test, you may get false positive and negative pregnancy results. Why do pregnancy tests expire? That may be your next question. A chemical paper inserted in the pregnancy test becomes less effective after expiration date. That is why pregnancy tests may show you false pregnancy results.

How Does the Pregnancy Test work?

The pregnancy test is a small device that can confirm your pregnancy within a few minutes. As I mentioned, a chemical is set up in the pregnancy test. The chemical paper reacts with the urine sample to detect the amount of hCG in the woman’s body.

The hCG hormone only can form in the body of pregnant women. Based on the hCG hormone, the pregnancy test reveals the pregnancy results. There are two regions on a pregnancy test- the first is the C region, and the second is the T region.

What is the ‘C’ Region On the Pregnancy Test?

The ‘C’ region on the pregnancy test means the control line. The control line indicates that the pregnancy test is working. As you put urine in the sample area then the first line forms on the c region that indicates the pregnancy test is working. You have bought fine quality pregnancy test from the market.

What is the ‘T’ Region On the Pregnancy Test?

‘T’ region for the pregnancy test means testing line. The ‘T’ line tells you the result of your pregnancy. If the one line forms on the ‘T’ region after that one more line is made on the ‘c’ region, that means the pregnancy results are positive, and you are pregnant.

If a line doesn’t form on the ‘T’ region, the pregnancy results are negative, and you are not pregnant. Conversely, the ‘T” region reveals your pregnancy results.

I have mentioned all information regarding pregnancy kits so that you will get the exact pregnancy results.

How To Read the Pregnancy Test Results?

How to  read pregnancy test

First-timer women may get confused about the reading of the pregnancy test; however, tips to read pregnancy results are mentioned on the pack. Here I have expressed the way to interpret the pregnancy test results in the simplest way to know whether you are pregnant or not:

One Line On the Pregnancy Test Window

The pregnancy test kit is divided into three parts – Urine sample area, control line region, and control line region. As you drop the urine sample in the testing area of the pregnancy test, it flows towards the pregnancy window and starts to form lines first on the c region and then later on the t region if you are pregnant.

Through lines, you will get to know about your pregnancy. After putting the urine sample in the testing area, you see only the control line that indicates negative pregnancy results. The negative pregnancy results mean you are not pregnant.

Two Lines On the Pregnancy Test Window

If you see two pink lines on the pregnancy test, that means the pregnancy test is positive. A positive pregnancy test means you are pregnant. The pregnancy tests are 99% accurate. So, congrats on your new journey of maternity.

After getting the good news, immediately book an appointment and consult your doctor for the best advice or precautions to enjoy the healthiest and happiest pregnancy.

“Pregnant” or “not Pregnant”

The digital pregnancy tests show the results in words such as “Pregnant” or “not Pregnant .”You simply read about your pregnancy and take the next step in family planning. Some pregnancy tests show the results through the minus or plus sign.

The minus sign indicates negative results, and the plus sign indicates positive pregnancy results.

Don’t worry. It is super easy to read the pregnancy test results, but sometimes we get confused due to anxiety about the pregnancy.

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How to Take Pregnancy Tests?

Now, I hope most of your ifs and buts get vanish. Now is the time to take the main actions to take the pregnancy test carefully, which will uncover the news about your pregnancy.

 So, here are the steps to take the pregnancy test carefully.

  • Open the box and take out the pregnancy test.
  • Read the instructions that are written on the pregnancy test box.
  • Use the absorbent tip to collect the urine sample. Now put at least 2 to 3 urine drops in the sample area.      
  • Now the chemical paper will react with urine samples to detect the amount of the hCG in your body.
  • Keep the pregnancy test on a flat surface. Wait for the result till mentioned time on the pregnancy test. I hope you will get the result within the time limit in the form of one or two lines.
  • If you get results after the time that is mentioned on the pack, that means you got false pregnancy test results. It can sometimes happen when the pregnancy test doesn’t work well.
  • In that case, you need to retake the pregnancy test. Always remember to read the instructions before taking a pregnancy test.
  • Finally, now you can check your pregnancy through a home pregnancy test within a few minutes.

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What Are Things That You Need To Remember While Taking Pregnancy Tests?

Here I have mentioned a few things that you should know to take the pregnancy test that will give you an accurate pregnancy test result:

  • Check the expiry date of the pregnancy test always.
  • Store the pregnancy test carefully. The pregnancy test should not fall on the floor as it can get damaged and give you invalid pregnancy results.
  • Read the results within the time that is written on the box of the pregnancy test results.
  • After getting results, an evaporation line can create and convert your negative pregnancy into positive later.
  • Make sure the urine or any liquid should not fall on the pregnancy test, as the pregnancy window is not waterproof. Otherwise, the pregnancy window gets blurred, which makes you unable to read the pregnancy results.
  • Don’t try to retake the same pregnancy test to get more sure about your pregnancy. The pregnancy tests are not reusable. If you want to be more sure to reveal the news at home, consult your midwife.
  • Put the urine exactly in the sample area carefully.

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What To do Now After Getting the Pregnancy Results?

You have taken the pregnancy test, and the result is in your hand, so what should be your next step? Here we go:

Negative Pregnancy Test Results 

If you are trying to conceive but getting negative pregnancy results, then don’t worry. You only need to retake the pregnancy test after some days. However, when you are testing early, you may get negative pregnancy results even if you are pregnant.

To avoid mental stress from negative pregnancy results, take the pregnancy test after getting your period missed. After that time, you will get the most accurate pregnancy test.

Positive Pregnancy Test Result 

Suppose your wait is over as you got positive pregnancy results. Now, your motherhood journey begins. Of course, the journey of the ninth month brings lots of excitement and complications too. However, pregnancy is the most beautiful part of a woman’s life.

So, the moment you know about your pregnancy immediately visit your midwife to know what to do now. You need to take the prenatal vitamins from day 1 for the proper growth of the fetus.

Discuss everything with your midwife to make yourself calm to enjoy the pregnancy. Most pregnancy issues, like morning sickness, nausea, gas, bloating, etc., start from the food we take during pregnancy.

Discuss your diet plan with your midwife so you can ignore many digestion problems. And get a list of foods from your midwife that are the best for you and your baby. So, accordingly, you can adjust your food habits.

Invalid Pregnancy Test

It rarely happens to get invalid results but unfortunately, if you got invalid pregnancy results, then immediately discard the pregnancy test kit. You have to purchase another pregnancy kit. Check the expiry date, read the instructions carefully, and retake the pregnancy test.

I am sure you will get the correct pregnancy test results this time.

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How Can Maternity Be Enjoyable For Us?

Precautions, extensive care, medical help at the right time, love, and support are the pillars to make motherhood the most beautiful phase of life. It is normal to have pregnancy problems but taking some tips and tricks can help you to tackle them to a great extent.

What to eat, what to wear, when to start wearing maternity clothes, how to sleep, sleeping positions, breastfeeding problems, how to avoid miscarriage, Digestion problems during pregnancy, about 5 weeks pregnancy.

Thousands of questions are there among pregnant women. And maternitycaretips.com is the one-stop solution to handle all kinds of pregnancy issues.

Is There Anything That Can Affect Our Maternity?

Yes, there are lots of things that we do so strangely that affect motherhood. Our eating habits, sleeping patterns, exercise routine, wearing styles, choice of food, and so many things can affect the pregnancy negatively. If we keep all the mentioned things in check, then your pregnancy will also keep in check.

Just think, pregnancy is a style you need to opt to live the moment with another height of enjoyment. We are here to provide you with the best guidance to tackle pregnancy complications.

Pregnancy Problems During the First Trimester

The beginning three months of the pregnancy are called the first trimester. Usually, pregnant women face lots of early pregnancy problems during the first trimester as morning sickness, breathing problems, digestion issues, constipation, tiredness, etc.

The first trimester needs lots of care as there is a high risk of miscarriage during that time period. However, pregnancy complications are high during the first trimester. The healthcare provider also prescribes prenatal vitamins that you need to take on time for the proper growth of your baby.

Pregnancy Problems During the Second Trimester 

The second trimester includes pregnancy’s 4th, 5th, and 6th months. The pregnancy problems gradually become less until the end of the second trimester. But it doesn’t mean you need not be concerned about your health.

Your tummy has grown enough till the second trimester. You may feel many physical and emotional changes as your baby grows and adjusts in your belly. Your weight also enhances, so you need to be careful while walking to avoid any risk of falling.

There is less risk of abortion during the second trimester, but you need to be careful about your movements and diet as it is reported that some women face miscarriage this time too. You need to adjust yourself to your growing tummy. And it is also a perfect time to buy maternity clothes.

Pregnancy Problems During the Third Trimester

The third trimester is the most crucial time as the baby is coming soon in your arm. The third trimester is the peak time to take care of your health and diet. Usually, new pregnancy problems don’t arise during the third trimester. But high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and post-term pregnancy are some problems a pregnant woman has to face.

Most importantly, don’t avoid any minor issues, immediately visit your doctor. Use maternity pillows to sleep well, as women face complications from growing tummies. Make yourself comfortable as you can. 

Talk to your partner about your anxiety and fear for making yourself stress-free. Make yourself ready to face labor pain by doing the yoga and exercise that your healthcare provider suggests.


Problems with pregnancy are common. You easily handle them to enjoy the time. Through our blog, we also provide extensive tips and tricks to face pregnancy complications. Besides them, you will also learn to solve breastfeeding problems, what is the best milk for a newborn baby, etc. We are with you on your journey of motherhood.


Here are the answers to the most asked questions about motherhood with whom you may also relate yourself:

Q. Is maternity a turning point in a woman’s life?

A. Yes, your priority will change when you know about your pregnancy. Now, your baby is everything to you. You will find something unique that I can’t express in words.

Q. Will I have to face so many pregnancy complications?

A. No, you only need to be focused on your diet, prenatal vitamins, and regular light exercise that are enough to fight against the most common pregnancy problems such as morning sickness, constipation, heartburn, etc. 

Q. Is everyone’s pregnancy the same?

A. No, every pregnancy is not the same. It depends from woman to woman. Some women have to face morning sickness from the first trimester to the third trimester, but others don’t.