How to Combine Breastfeeding and Pumping?

Pumping during breastfeeding is a common practice in the modern era, as there are more and more working ladies. But how to combine breastfeeding and pumping is also a question. Most of the people even do not know whether they can be done together or not. In one word yes it can be done and it gives flexibility to the daily routine of women.

Family members can help each other with flexible timings for feeding the baby. Combining breastfeeding and pumping can be an effective way to ensure your baby gets the breaks milk and you continue as a working woman. But how to combine breastfeeding and pumping is a question for most of us and you will have answers in further sections.

How to Combine Breastfeeding and Pumping

How to Combine Breastfeeding and Pumping?

Breast milk is a complete source of nutrition for the baby, there are vitamins, antibodies, and other nutrients that are supplied through the milk. By combining breastfeeding with pumping you can give rest to all kinds of tension.

There are also queries regarding whether can I start giving my baby dairy products, and you will see that it can not start at an early age. You need to know about the step-wise guide of the answer to how to combine breastfeeding and pumping.

Choose right pump – This is the first step while you think about pumping options. And you need to invest in a good pump there are two kinds of pump in the market first is for occasional use and the other one is an electric double pump.

Make a routine – You do not have to start at any time, for stabilizing your milk supply you have to begin by pumping once a day. Most of the time doctors prefer morning routing because the milk supply in the lactiferous duct is high at that time. When your breasts need comfort then you can adjust the pumping schedule.

Storage and handling – You have to remember that if milk is not stored properly it can be spoiled and also can be a reason for the bad health of the baby. You can use breast milk storage bags or containers and store them in the refrigerator and follow the guidelines that are given for storing breast milk.

Latching and feeding – You have to ensure that your baby has a proper latch for breastfeeding and you can also consult from lactation consultant and the best milk for a newborn baby. Your child should have skin-to-skin breastfeeding in the starting months of delivery. It is better to develop a bond between the mother and child.

Advantages of Combining Pumping and Breastfeeding

Every activity has it’s pros and cons same is the extent of breastfeeding. How to combine breastfeeding and pumping newborn is a good question and you have to understand its benefits first of all.

  • A sudden increase in the quantity of breast milk.
  • Help in feeding the baby.
  • Delivering pressure from the breast because of closed ducts.
  • The pumping and breastfeeding schedule improved itself, with the help of the milk feeding schedule. 
  • Baby can easily accept bottle feeding.

Disadvantages of Combining Pumping and Breastfeeding

Looking at advantages is not enough you have to look for the other side also and that is the disadvantages of the pumping and breastfeeding schedule newborn. These disadvantages are related to breast clogging in women.

  • More pumping can increase clogged ducts, enforcement, and mastitis.
  • More amount of stored milk can be spoiled if it is not used properly.
  • Because of longer suction your breast tenderness may increase.
  • In early breastfeeding, it may not be managed by you to pump while breastfeeding.

Challenges in Combining Breastfeeding with Pumping

It is like a proper challenge for women to handle breastfeeding and when you are wondering how to combine breastfeeding and pumping, there is a small fear also. And these challenges and fears are:

  1. Pumping at the workplace is a personal space problem, but many countries have law for supporting the breastfeeding mothers.
  2. If you are having an issue with enforcement problem then you should consult your doctor. Some several medications and injections can help you.
  3. There is a also milk allergy problem in babies, you can look for alternative options for milk sources. 
  4. Reduce pumping sessions with time when you decide to wean from pumping.
  5. If you are facing a low milk supply problem then try power pumping or double electric pumping. You can also use to have pumping over short periods and take guidance from a lactation consultant.

What Can I Do for Successful Beastfeeding While Pumping?

In the initial phase of lactation, you have to feed your baby directly as it is better for binding of baby with the mother. There are also allergies in babies with bottle feeding at the initial phase. Some babies are more prone to infections. If you are still looking for how to combine breastfeeding and pumping then use easy pumping techniques.

Do not try to take risks and avoid donations as there are health issues regarding that. Can you donate plasma while breastfeeding is also a common question, for these suggestion consult to health care provider.

Frequently Asked Questions – Combining Breastfeeding & Pumping

The most probable question is how to combine breastfeeding and pumping. When you are satisfied with the answer you have to consider a successful feeding combination. You have to maintain a healthy milk supply and try to stay hydrated, it helps you to maintain your milk production.

What if my baby wants to nurse right after I pump?

You can give bottle milk to the baby as the baby wants to nurse and you don’t have milk in your breast at that time. It is not necessary to store milk bottles in a refrigerator but if it is needed then you have to check the guidelines for storing breast milk.

How soon can I breastfeed after pumping?

Milk formation is a metabolic procedure of a woman’s body after delivery. It takes time, you can breastfeed after three hours of pumping, try to eat sufficient for better milking and also for your body’s needs.

Can I breastfeed right after pumping?

No you can’t breastfeed after pumping, it take time to form milk in the breast as it is metabolic cumbersome procedure. Do not try to put a pressure of bumping and breastfeeding on yourself it will make everything uneasy for you.

When to pump while breastfeeding newborn?

Breastfeeding is not easy if you are looking for how to combine breastfeeding and pimping then try to feed your baby directly, during initial phase. And then slowly replace it with bottle milk that you have collected by pumping. Usually 3 to 4 months after delivery are crucial for breastfeeding.

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