How Long Does it Take to Miscarry A 5 Week Pregnancy?

Miscarriage is at a high peak in the first trimester as 2 or 3 women per 20 women suffer pregnancy loss. Even miscarriage in an early stage, like a 5 week pregnancy or 6 week pregnancy, may go unnoticed. 5 week pregnancy is too early; by this time, some women take the pregnancy test to confirm their pregnancy, which is why they cannot recognize the symptoms of the miscarriage.

5 Week Pregnancy

Symptoms of the Miscarriage Around 5 Week Pregnancy?

In early pregnancies, women are not so concerned about the symptoms of the miscarriage as they may not have taken the pregnancy test at that time. But miscarriage is initial. It should be recognized within the correct time frame; otherwise, you may face severe issues related to your health.

Here are the symptoms of miscarriage at a 5 week pregnancy or any month of first trimester:

  • Excessive vaginal bleeding
  • Pain in the pelvic region
  • Cramps
  • Lower backache
  • Change in vaginal discharge

You are bleeding heavily, like using two pads per hour and passing heavy clots. This means you had a miscarriage. Immediately consult your doctor for check-ups and other medications. If you have excessive dizziness and fainting, donโ€™t waste your time; immediately contact your doctors. If you ignore your health, you may have to face blood loss and several vaginal infections.

Lower backache

How long do I Take to Miscarry a 5 Week Pregnancy?

If you are also one of them facing miscarriage before realizing youโ€™re pregnant, you are guessing excessive bleeding and cramping are due to your menstrual cycle. Then you are mistaken. If you have little doubt about the miscarriage, then immediately visit your healthcare provider and discuss everything with her.

The length of miscarriage differs for every woman; it depends on some factors such as-

  • The age of the pregnant women
  • how long does it take your body to expel the fetal tissue and placenta
  • Your pregnancy month

If we talk about early pregnancy loss, you may take a few hours to miscarry a 5 weeks pregnancy. But as per some research, some women take up to one week for a complete miscarriage. On the other hand, some women may take at least two weeks to miscarry early pregnancy.

At the beginning of the miscarriage, the bleeding can be heavy with large clots, but gradually it slows down before stopping, usually within two weeks. So, we can take an estimate of two weeks to miscarry a 5 week or any other early-week pregnancy. If you are bleeding for more than 2 weeks, you need to consult your midwife or healthcare provider.

What Causes a Miscarriage at 5 Weeks?

Miscarriage commonly occurs during the first trimester. This is why doctors and experienced ladies suggest to more cautious in this crucial time. Here I have listed some common reasons for miscarriage in early pregnancy:

Age factor:- The risk of miscarriage increases due to the advanced age of women to get pregnant. Many types of research show that women who are 35 years or older than it faces miscarriage in their first trimester.

Genetic abnormalities in the fetus:- Genetic abnormalities are the most common reason for miscarriage. Women with Genetic abnormalities in the fetus may face miscarriage in the first trimester or before the 20th week of pregnancy.

Infections:- Some infections, such as bacterial, viral, and protozoal infections, may increase the risk of miscarriage at early pregnancy.

Smoking and alcohol:- Substance abuse like smoking and having excessive alcohol and drugs may increase the risk of miscarriage. As per the researchers, women who consume substances abuse give birth to an abnormal child.

Chronic diseases:- High-level diabetes, thyroid diseases, obesity, and heart diseases may increase miscarriage risk during the 5 week pregnancy or any week of the first trimester.

History of miscarriage:- According to the reports, women whose mothers had a miscarriage may be more likely to have a miscarriage.


If you have been bleeding heavy for more than one week, then immediately talk to your doctor to avoid health complications such as vaginal infections, weakness, etc. Please consult your doctor; they will advise you of several precautions to avoid early pregnancy miscarriage.

5 week pregnancy is the most crucial time, and you must be more cautious to prevent miscarriage, such as not lifting heavy objects, avoiding excessive workload and spicy food, etc. If you get missed your period, then immediately take the pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy.

FAQs About Miscarry A 5 Week Pregnancy

Here check out the answers to the most common questions regarding 5 week pregnancy and precautions.

What to do if you have a miscarriage?

You should take medical help immediately.

Does caffeine consumption increase miscarriage risk?

Yes, it can be possible. It would be best if you avoided coffee intake during pregnancy.

If I am Passing large clots (more than the size of a golf ball) at 5 week pregnancy, then do I need to call the doctor?

You need to call the doctor immediately; otherwise, you may have health complications like blood loss and several vagina infections.

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