How Bad Was Your First Pregnancy?

I am pregnant. When a woman finds her pregnancy test positive, that is the most special moment for her and her partner. And the charm of the first pregnancy, I can’t express in words. Women sometimes face many complications, and their pregnancy ends in endless pain.

They got nothing. The reasons can be physical or emotional, but when a woman says,’ how bad was her first pregnancy’ that means she has to face so many complications in her pregnancy.

First pregnancy

How Can Your First Pregnancy Be Bad?

Whether it is first pregnancy or second pregnancy needs a lot of care and concern from the moment the couple knows about their pregnancy. Sometimes, you have to face physical or emotional complications, which are dangerous for the baby.

According to the medical reports, some women have to face miscarriage due to only emotional pain, such as too many families or office problems, stress, depression, etc. However, a pregnant woman is physically fine, but her stress or depression becomes the reason for her miscarriage or abortion.

Physical issues are also reasons to be left with an empty hand at the end of 9 months. Some noticeable physical complications can trap early pregnancy. Sometimes, the physical issues start after 3 or 4 months of the first or second pregnancy.

In some cases, the healthcare provider succeeds in overcoming the complication and helps the pregnant woman to deliver a healthy baby. But sometimes, the complications are uncontrollable, and doctors cannot save the child. That is the worst end of the pregnancy.

As per medical experts, some babies come into the world with physical challenges. The medication works for some babies but not everyone. And someone has to face this bad phase of pregnancy.

How Can I Save My Pregnancy?

Here I have mentioned some points that will help you to save your first pregnancy: 

1. Early Detection of the Pregnancy

Every month of the pregnancy is crucial, so you need to be aware of your and your baby’s health. Early detection of pregnancy prevents miscarriage. Some women don’t realise their pregnancy and even don’t take a pregnancy test after missing their periods. They even don’t opt healthy lifestyle.

This carelessness becomes the reason for miscarriage during early pregnancy. As you miss periods, immediately plan to take the pregnancy test. After getting positive test results, you should rash to a healthcare provider.

They will suggest you about taking the prenatal vitamins and precautions that are necessary to prevent miscarriage. Also, share a diet chart so that you and your baby remain healthy throughout the first pregnancy.

2. Awareness About the Diet

Diet is the main focus of the entire pregnancy. You should be aware of your diet throughout the pregnancy. Sometimes diet becomes the reason for many complications such as constipation, heartburn, nausea, morning sickness, etc. However these are harmless complications, but in severe conditions, they may reason for major illness or complications.

Some food items such as papaya, raw meats, etc. can be a reason for bad pregnancy or miscarriage. However, your midwife tells you everything, but it is your responsibility to follow them strictly for the good health of you and your baby.

Have plenty of fruits and green vegetables to provide the essential vitamins to your baby. We know first pregnancy or any pregnancy is different , so if you feel uneasiness, consult your doctor before continuing the particular food items.

Plenty of water to keep you hydrated helps you fight against early pregnancy complications such as morning sickness, heartburn, etc. You can add okra or coconut water to make your pregnancy healthy. 

3. Regular Health Checkups

Ultrasounds help doctors to diagnose complications and work on them. Visiting the doctor timely will help to prevent many complications during first pregnancy.

If you have any health issues, please share them with your doctor at the first meeting, which will guide your doctor to make better decisions about your medication. Pregnant women’s health issues can also create complications for the growing fetus. So don’t hide anything from your doctors.

4. Avoid Stress

Whether you are working or not, it is life, so it is normal to have stress for whatever reasons. You need to understand that stress can affect your unborn baby. Only a happy mother can deliver a healthy baby so try to keep yourself happy as much as possible.

If you cannot handle your stress without waiting a minute, share it with your partner or close one. It is necessary to be stress-free for you and your baby. If you feel anxiety about your first pregnancy, you can share it with your midwife.

She can make you feel relaxed by telling you about the whole pregnancy and delivery process. Make sure only one thing is to be happy for the proper growth of your baby.

5. Make Yourself Comfortable With The Growing Tummy

After 2 or 3 months, you can feel your growing tummy. Make yourself comfortable by wearing loose or maternity clothes. Sometimes, tight clothes can interfere with the growth of your baby. Don’t try to wear a waist trainer that can harm you and your baby.

Choose cotton or comfortable clothes for you; If you are an office woman, then you can try maternity clothes as many options are available in the market such as maternity pants, maternity tops, etc.


You should be aware throughout the pregnancy to avoid bad first pregnancy. You should discuss every pregnancy problem to avoid complications, whether it is small or big. 

Make a diary, and keep a record of your healthy diet; whenever you plan to eat, first check out the diary. And choose the best food as your mood.

Everything talks to your partner so that he can also keep a record of your regular check-ups and tests necessary to track your and your baby’s health. Your awareness can help to save your pregnancy.


Here are the answers to the most asked questions about the first pregnancy that will help you to save your pregnancy:

Q. Should I need to be more cautious during my first pregnancy?

A. Yes, being more cautious in the first pregnancy is necessary, but it does not mean the second pregnancy needs no attention. We can’t ignore any warning sign, whether first or second pregnancy.

Q. Can having alcohol during pregnancy harm my baby?

A. Yes, alcohol may reason of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders such as abnormal facial features, lower IQ, speech difficulty, and so on. It would help if you stopped consuming as you know about your pregnancy.

Q. Can caffeine affect the health of the baby during the first pregnancy?

A. Yes, consuming caffeine excessive interferes with the health of your baby. It can affect the baby’s heart rate. So, it would help if you avoided caffeine at every stage of pregnancy.

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