What To Eat Before Glucose Test Pregnancy?

How to pass the Glucose test pregnancy? Women have a bulk of queries about what to do or what to eat before a Glucose test pregnancy. Lets us clear out all your ifs and buts about the glucose pregnancy test.

Not every glucose test requires you to be fast. Then what to eat before the glucose test pregnancy. Take a healthy breakfast that should be low in carbs and protein. Further in the article, you will learn about glucose tests, what to eat before a glucose test pregnancy, on the day of the pregnancy, etc. Stay tuned with us.

glucose test pregnancy

What is Glucose Test Pregnancy?

The glucose test has recommended to expecting moms to check the glucose level in their bodies. Mostly the glucose test pregnancy is taken between 24th to 28th weeks of the pregnancy. If the glucose level is high in any pregnant woman, her body is not producing enough insulin to handle the excess glucose from pregnancy.

What if I am diagnosed with gestational diabetes? You need not worry; your healthcare provider will suggest a diet plan, medication and other precautions to manage gestational diabetes.

What an Expectant Should Eat Before a Glucose Test Pregnancy?

Our body breaks down the carbs into glucose ( or sugar) which is the main source of energy for us. The level of glucose in the body may increase during pregnancy which is why two types of glucose tests have been taken to check the blood sugar level of pregnant women to detect gestational diabetes.

There is a different eating strategy for performing both glucose tests during pregnancy. The second test is given to those who don’t pass the first.

What Happens During the Glucose Test?

First, the 1-hour glucose test is taken to detect gestational diabetes. For the 1 hour of the glucose test, you must consume a glucose drink like fruit juice or flat sugar.

Your healthcare provider may tell you the quantity of glucose that you need to consume before the glucose test pregnancy. You must give your blood sample after 1 hour, exactly when you finished your drink.

Every doctor performs the test differently; some allow breakfast in the morning, but some do not. You can take your healthy breakfast before the 1-hour glucose test unless your health care provider tells you to fast.

Some doctors provide the sugar drink at their clinic and take glucose tests for pregnancy exactly one hour after having the drink. If you get the report normal, then there are no further actions.

What to Eat Before the Glucose Test Pregnancy?

It will help if you plan a balanced diet from the moment you know about your pregnancy, to pass the glucose test pregnancy. Changing the diet style one week or day before the glucose test won’t work for you. High blood sugar can interrupt your baby’s growth, so take the healthiest diet throughout your pregnancy.

A balanced diet includes a variety of foods that provide you with all the essential nutrients to make your pregnancy the healthiest one.

Here are some foods that you must include in your diet to maintain the optimal level of blood sugar throughout the pregnancy:

  • Green vegetables like broccoli, tomatoes, beans, etc.
  • Seasonal fruits like apples, oranges etc.
  • Dairy products like yoghurt, milk and cheese.
  • Legumes like beans and lentils are a good source of getting the efficient amount of protein for the baby’s proper development and maintaining blood sugar level.
  • Include nuts like walnuts, almond butter, flax seeds etc.
  • Healthy protein like eggs, chicken, and salmon.

What to Eat For Breakfast Before the Pregnancy Glucose Test?

You should take high-protein foods on the day of the glucose test. The food you have taken can affect the result of the glucose test. You should be aware of what to eat and what not to eat on the day of the glucose test pregnancy.

Here I have mentioned some foods that you should or not have on the day of your glucose test to avoid getting false results.

Foods to eat on the glucose test pregnancy
Foods not to eat on the glucose test pregnancy
Scrambled eggs with cheeseWhite bread and white rice
Wheat toast with the low sugar peanut butterJunk foods like chips and crackers
Spinach and Swiss cheese omeletteSugary breakfast cereals
Protein shakes with eggsPantries and cake-like donuts, cupcakes, cookies and muffins
Brown rice with vegetableCandies and ice creams
Wheat pastaFlavoured coffees and tea
OatmealFruit juice like Apple juice, Orange juice, Cranberry juice, 100% juice blends etc

You may have cravings for the foods that I have mentioned above in the column (Food not to eat on the glucose test pregnancy), but on the day of the glucose test, you should avoid them as they may increase your blood sugar quickly and you will get the false glucose test pregnancy.

You can enjoy the foods throughout the pregnancy in moderation except on the day of the glucose test. These foods only contain sugar and will not give you the nutrients needed to enjoy the happiest and healthiest pregnancy.

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What Will the Next Step Be When I Don’t Pass the Glucose Pregnancy Test?

Even though you are taking a healthy diet before or on the day of the glucose test, you may not pass the glucose test pregnancy. Then the doctor will recommend taking the glucose test again as sometimes you may get false results.

Then also you don’t pass the test, then there is one option left for you- a three-hour glucose test.

What is Three-Hour Glucose Tolerance Test?

If you don’t pass the 1-hour glucose pregnancy test, that does not mean you are diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. It means that you now have to go for the three-hour glucose tolerance Test; if you get abnormal results, you have GD. You need medical help to manage the situation.

For taking the three-hour glucose tolerance Test, you will need to fast. You can only take sips of the water for 8 to 14 hours before the appointment. On the day of the glucose test pregnancy, you will take a baseline glucose test to check the blood sugar level in your body.

You have to drink 8 ounces (237 millilitres) of a glucose solution containing 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of sugar, then provide the blood sample after one hour, two hours and three hours. Still, if your sugar level is high, you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes. 

What to Do If I Have Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy?

Only 2 to 4 % of women develop gestational diabetes, which happens when pregnancy hormones interfere with the process of breaking down food in the pregnant women’s body. Women over the age of 25 and women who are African, Asian, Hispanic, Native American or Pacific Island are at higher risk of having gestational diabetes.

High blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, previous pregnancy with gestational diabetes, PCOS etc., are the factors that enhance your chance to have gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is a serious condition, but it can be handled with the proper medical help and care.

Taking glucose tests pregnancy timely is a must to avoid the following pregnancy problems:

  • C-section
  • High blood pressure
  • Congenital disabilities
  • Preeclampsia
  • An overly large baby

However, gestational diabetes can be treated with a healthy diet, pregnancy workouts and medical help.


Gestational diabetes can put you in serious pregnancy problems, so you need to be aware of your healthy diet throughout the pregnancy to pass the glucose test pregnancy. Moreover, make sure to have protein-rich breakfast on the day of the glucose test to avoid a false result.

If you don’t pass the 1-hour glucose test for pregnancy, then don’t worry. The result is not the final report. You have to take the three-hour glucose tolerance Test while fasting if your glucose level is still high in the test, then you have gestational diabetes.

But don’t worry. You can tackle it easily with the proper diet plan and medical help. Follow the diet plan precisely that your doctor has recommended to avoid serious illness due to gestational diabetes.

FAQ’s: Glucose Test Pregnancy

Here are the answers of the most asked questions about gestational diabetes that will help you to pass the glucose test pregnancy:

Q. Can pregnancy be unhealthy with gestational diabetes?

A. No, having gestational diabetes does not mean facing complications throughout pregnancy. You can also enjoy the pregnancy. Only you need to follow the doctor’s treatment plan and diet chart.

Q. Can I eat before the 3-hour glucose test for pregnancy?

A. 3-hour glucose test pregnancy has taken while fasting, so you can’t eat anything except the water sips.

Q. What to eat before a glucose test while pregnant?

If you are taking the 1-hour glucose test pregnancy, you can take the healthy breakfast, but it should be rich in proteins and low in crabs.

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