How to Fake Pregnancy Test?

Are you curious to know that can you fake a pregnancy test or not? Faking a pregnancy test is the most popular prank among women. A false fake pregnancy test is the best way to make you laugh with your partner and others friends and family. 

You can get a positive fake pregnancy test with diet coke, apple juice, lemon juice, etc., to plan a prank with your partner and friend. Yes, the pregnancy test will look like a real positive pregnancy test. No one can identify your trick and will become a part of your prank.

Further in the article, you will learn about the steps to get a fake test results. Stay tuned with us.

How to Fake Pregnancy Test?

Can You Fake A Pregnancy Test?

Yes. You can fake a pregnancy test to play a prank on your friends. Even some women plan positive pregnancy test pranks to express their desire to become mothers. The fake pregnancy test is a good prank for the cool or funny couple but always think twice about the person you are pranking.

There are many ways to plan fake pregnancy, such as purchasing fake tests from the market, using coca-cola to make a pregnancy test positive, using apple juice, etc. Further in the article, you will find detailed information about how to fake pregnancy test positive.

There are a few steps that you need to follow for a faking pregnancy test. It is okay if you are sure the person can deal with the fake pregnancy-positive prank. So, now focus on your goal. You must find the best way to fake pregnancy tests that can work for you.

You have to be ready to plan a fake pregnancy with your partner. The early pregnancy symptoms should be your first step for a positive pregnancy test prank. Stay tuned to know the early pregnancy symptoms.

Pretend to Have Early Pregnancy Signs to Fake a Positive Pregnancy Test

To surprise your partner by making a false positive pregnancy test, first you have to pretend to experience the most common early pregnancy signs. Before the final execution, you must start planning and plotting for a fake pregnancy test.

Here are some early pregnancy signs that you have to act like you are pregnant:

Discussion About Missed Periods Somedays Before Real Positive Pregnancy Test Prank

Act like you are so worried about your missed periods and don’t want to become pregnant now. Try to insist your partner thinks that there may be something wrong. That is how the person will start to suspecting about pregnancy.

Act to Have Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is the most familiar sign of pregnancy. Many people take a pregnancy test after having morning sicknesses in third trimester like nausea and vomiting. Just rush to the bathroom suddenly and run the tab to mimic; you are vomiting.

Morning sickness

Showing irritation to some food is also an early sign of pregnancy. If you act to have the early pregnancy signs in front of the person to whom you want to do a fake pregnancy test. The person surely will suspect your pregnancy.

Visit the Restroom Frequently

Visit the Restroom Frequently 

During pregnancy, a woman body starts to produce more blood, which means kidneys have to filter more fluid. These fluids turn into urine which is why the pregnant woman has to go restroom frequently.

So, it would help if you rushed to the restroom frequently to take a fake pregnancy test.

Act to have Swollen and Tender Breast

Swollen and Tender Breast

Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, the pregnant woman starts to feel pain and swelling in the breast. So, it would help if you pretended to have painful breasts in front of the person you plan to prank.

Pretend to Feel Tired All the Time

Pretend to Feel Tired All the Time

You must act as if you are feeling excessive tiredness these days, as it is the most common early pregnancy sign. Say to your partner you are feeling low and go to bed without eating something, taking a nap many times during the day, and complaining of feeling sleepy all the time.

Works On the Mood Swings 

As we all know, mood swings during pregnancy happen due to hormonal fluctuation. Try to pretend to be so emotional about any small things. Suddenly feel like crying or laughing to show you have mood swings during pregnancy. Getting angry about the small things or issues will work for a fake pregnancy test.

Demand For the Weird Food Combination

Usually, you don’t eat food like pickles or spicy food, but now you are demanding that food will undoubtedly put pressure on the person you are pranking to think about your pregnancy. When the person will see the early pregnancy signs, he will try to break the news that you are pregnant.

That will be a glorious moment for you. And later, a few minutes when you reveal the facts about your pregnancy. The person you are pranking will shock and surely laugh loudly after knowing about the prank. Check out below some more ways to get a fake pregnancy test.

How to Fake a Digital Pregnancy Test?

Buying fake pregnancy tests is the easiest way to execute your plan to prank your man. The test shows false results whenever you take a fake test. You can grab a false pregnancy test online or in the local market in your city itself.

Just purchase the one and read all the instructions mentioned on the pack so the pregnancy test will work correctly. As your man comes home, go to the restroom with the kit as planned.

Digital Pregnancy Test

Take a fake pregnancy test. Put the urine in the testing area and wait for some time to get a fake positive pregnancy test. As you get positive results, come out with a cheering feeling to share with your man about good news. That will do 100% work to make your prank memorable for you and your man.

How to Fake a Pregnancy Test With Coke?

Fake a Pregnancy Test With Coke

Some ingredients used to make coke can produce a false positive pregnancy test. Creating a fake pregnancy test with coke or soda is a simple process. Bring a can of coke with you along pregnancy test kit in the bathroom.

Dip the pregnancy test strips in the coke instead of the urine. Ensure to hide the soda or coke can before opening the bathroom gate. Show your partner a fake positive pregnancy test.

Your partner may tell you to get another Pregnancy Test Positive With Coke to confirm your pregnancy, so get ready with the plan B. Keep extra coke or soda bottle in the bathroom so your prank will not fail. You can easily make a pregnancy test positive with soda.

How to Fake a Pregnancy Test With Apple Juice?

You may be a little bit wonder to know about that how apple juice causes fake pregnancy tests. For whatever reason, you are faking pregnancy test but using apple juice is the practical and cheapest way to fake your pregnancy.

And home pregnancy test kits will help you to execute your plan. The high sugar level in the apple juice or high acidity in the apple juice causes the fake positive pregnancy test. 

fake Pregnancy Test With Apple Juice

These two can mimic the composition of the hCG and give you a false positive pregnancy test, as the hCG is only present in pregnant women.

Steps to make fake pregnancy test with Apple Juice:

  • Buy some selected home kit brands, as only some kits will work to show your false positive result.
  • Make sure to use pure apple juice only. Processed apple juice does not contain a high sugar level.
  • Use the juice that is extracted from the organic apple. You can check this on the mentioned ingredients on the pack. You can also squeeze the juice yourself to avoid any risk of getting unwanted results.
  • Now, take a pregnancy kit and put some apple juice drops on the testing area of the pregnancy kit. Don’t put the pregnancy kit strip in the apple juice use only a few drops to get false positive results.

So, if you use the steps I mentioned, you will surely get a false positive pregnancy test, as it rarely happens that organic apple juice will not work.

Will Lemon Juice Make a Pregnancy Test Positive?

Does lemon juice make a pregnancy test positive? Yes, lemon juice also causes a positive fake pregnancy test as lemon has similar properties to apple juice. The lemon juice also contains acid and sugar that can mimic the hCG hormone that will show you two pink lines on the pregnancy test kit.

You have to use fresh lemon juice to to do a fake pregnancy kit. Squeeze the fresh lemon during pregnancy test. Drop some fresh lemon juice in the testing area of the equipment. After a few minutes, you will surely get the fake positive pregnancy test.

How to Plan Fake a Positive Pregnancy Test With Water?

As we all know, pregnancy tests are not reusable so you can use any pregnancy kit for once. You may be surprised that water can also cause a fake pregnancy test. First, put your urine in the testing area of the pregnancy kit.

Now leave the pregnancy kit for some time. After that, wash it in the water or dip it into the water. Now put some apple juice and urine in the testing area. You will get fake positive pregnancy test results.

How to Fake a Pregnancy Test With Expired Pregnancy Kit?

The expired pregnancy test may give you fake positive results as the kits become less effective in finding the level of the hCG in the urine. The expiry date of the pregnancy test is mentioned on the pack so you can check it there.

But it may be a little bit tricky to find out an expiry pregnancy kit. You can ask your friends who could have the old pregnancy test or ask to any medical store. Hopefully, you may get the old pregnancy kit and then use it following the steps mentioned in the pack.

Open Pregnancy Test and Draw Two Pink lines

You can easily open the window of any pregnancy test kit using a metal nail pin or a thin piece of metal. Now, the pregnancy test kit has been divided into two parts. Use the pink marker to make two pink lines on the pregnancy test to make a fake pregnancy test positive to prank your partner or friend. Also, put drops of water on the testing area to pretend as you have peed on the pregnancy kit and get a positive pregnancy result.

Using Evaporation Line

Suppose you have taken a pregnancy test and get only one pink line as you are not pregnant. But if you are planning to prank someone, leave the pregnancy test kit for at least one hour. Then recheck it; you may get false positive results as an evaporation line is created after sometimes taking the pregnancy result.

Is a Fake Positive Pregnancy Test a Bad Prank?

You should know when to play fake pregnancy test and to whom also. It is a prank that can make some people laugh but others sad who are already facing issues with conceiving a baby. So, you have to be aware of these things to avoid any complications in your relationships.

Fake Positive Pregnancy Test

Don’t try to use that prank with the older people in your family, as for them, pregnancy is not a joke. It is a compassionate matter. The fake pregnancy results can hurt even your partner. But it is a good prank for funny couples to make them laugh all day.


I have mentioned the best ways to fake pregnancy test positive to carry out a prank with your partner and friend. Faking pregnancy is an excellent way to make fun of your close one. Pretending to have early pregnancy signs is the most exciting way to execute your prank. You have to do some acting and all that will make the joke memorable for everyone.

If a pregnant woman is near you, you can plan a fake test positive with her help. You can ask her to give urine sample then you can take the positive results with her urine sample at your home to tell your partner you are pregnant.

It will be tricky, but you will find the most accurate results with the pregnant women’s urine sample. However, many other ways to get false positive pregnancy results have been given in the article, so you can use any of them to plan a fake pregnancy.

FAQ’s About Fake Your Pregnancy Test Results

Here are the most-asked questions about a fake pregnancy test that will also help to plan your prank:

Q. How to fake a pregnancy test with soap?

A. The soap does not contain a property that mimics the hormone hCG, so there is a rare chance to get a false positive fake pregnancy test using soap.

Q. Can you trick a pregnancy test into showing a positive result?

A. Yes, the pregnancy test kit result can be tricked using lemon juice, diet coke, and apple juice in the testing area of the pregnancy kit.

Q. Can you fake a pregnancy test with water?

A. You can’t fake pregnancy test positive with water as it does not contain hCG or any other substance that could mimic the presence of the hCG that is only present in the pregnant women’s blood.

Q. Does dipping a pregnancy test in coke make it positive?

A. If you dip the pregnancy test in coke, you may get a false positive as coke has properties that mimic the pregnancy hormone, hCG.

Q. Can I use Raw apple cider vinegar to positive fake pregnancy test?

A. Yes, you can get the fake pregnancy results with Raw apple cider vinegar, as it is a substitute for apple juice and contains the properties to mimic the hCG hormone.

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clara adwani
clara adwani
5 months ago

I am looking for a 100% working idea to get a fake pregnancy test. I want to start a family but my husband doesn’t want to. I want to make him feel the happiness of parenthood, that is why I am planning a fake pregnancy test prank. Suggest me best ideas to get fake positive pregnancy test results.

Zack Smith
Zack Smith
5 months ago

I saw some tricks to fake the pregnancy test. And one week ago I tried one of the tricks on my boyfriend, and it worked great. But he was shocked  to see positive pregnancy test results. Later I revealed the truth. He got angry. What to do now to make the situation normal. Suggest me ideas to impress him again.

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