Faint Positive Pregnancy Test 4 Weeks After Abortion?

Is it possible to have a faint positive pregnancy test 4 weeks after abortion? A pregnancy test is full of surprises sometimes, especially when anyone gets a faint positive pregnancy test after having an abortion.

Let’s check out a few explanations about it. And see how the pregnancy test works and for how long it can show a faint pregnancy test after abortion. 

If you are taking a test after abortion, the results may wonder as the hCG has been present in your body for at least one month and above it in some women’s cases.

This can happen with some, but not everyone, as pregnant women’s bodies work differently for the recovery after abortion. 

Faint positive pregnancy test 4 weeks after abortion

How does the Pregnancy Test Work?

Detecting the amount of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the urine or blood is how it tells you about your pregnancy. hCG is only present in the pregnant lady’s body, so you can easily rely on the pregnancy test result.

Two lines on the pregnancy test mean you are pregnant, whether faint or dark. How can I get a faint positive pregnancy result 4 weeks after abortion? Yes, It can be possible, as the amount of hCG does not disappear from your body from the moment when you take abortion. 

Why do I Get a Faint Positive Pregnancy Test 4 Weeks After Abortion?

As the fetus grows, the amount of hCG also increases. However, when you take an abortion for whatever reason, then the growth of the fetus stops immediately. But still, the amount of hCG is present in your body.

Your body will take 4 or 5 weeks to get back regularly, this is why you are getting positive pregnancy results.

After the abortion, the level of the hCG gradually becomes zero, but it also depends on which month of pregnancy you have been taken an abortion. Like the amount of hCG will take less time to decrease in the early pregnancy comparatively 4th or 5th month of pregnancy.

When Can I Get Pregnancy Tests Accurate After an Abortion? 

 If you are taking the pregnancy test shortly after an abortion, you will get false results as, at that time, a significant level of hCG is present in your body. It will reduce after sometimes.

If you are getting a faint positive pregnancy test 4 weeks after abortion, it can trigger false alarms of a new pregnancy. 

But in that time frame, you have sex with your partner, and you have doubt about your pregnancy, then consult your healthcare provider as we all know how important it is to detect the pregnancy at the early stages. 

They will suggest a blood test and other tests to give you the most accurate results about your pregnancy. And they will also perform an ultrasound to confirm the termination of your previous pregnancy. This can be also a reason to get faint positive pregnancy test 4 weeks after abortion.

Can Abortion Affect My Future Pregnancy?

Positive pregnancy test 4 weeks after abortion has created muddling up situation for the women about their future pregnancy. According to many medical experts and Gynecologists, it is confirmed that having an abortion can’t affect the fertility of any woman.

So, if you have taken an abortion recently, you can try for a baby after at least three months when your body gets stable for a healthy pregnancy. Due to abortion, you may face some complications, but they can easily be treated by medication.

Can I be Pregnant Again after 4 Weeks of Abortion? 

Yes, you can get positive pregnancy test 4 weeks after abortion as ovulation can take place even a week after the abortion. If you are having unprotected sex, chances will be high of your pregnancy immediately after abortion

In that situation, after one week, again you should take the pregnancy test, and if you get the lines lighter than before, it means you are not pregnant. But if you get a darker line than before, you are pregnant and visit your doctor to know precisely about your pregnancy status. 


If you are getting a faint positive pregnancy test 4 weeks after abortion, you may be pregnant or not. The positive results can be only due to the presence of hCG in your body, which will reduce after 4 or 5 weeks and lastly disappear.

The second thing you may have a wrong abortion; the fetus is still living in your womb. The third thing is that if you have unprotected sex, a positive pregnancy test means you have a new pregnancy. You need to consult your healthcare provider immediately for further medication. 


Here are answers to the most common questions about positive pregnancy test 4 weeks after abortion.

Q. I am still bleeding one month later after surgical abortion. Is this normal?

A. Having bleeding is entirely normal up to two months after the surgical abortion. But if you have been bleeding for more than two months, then it can be severe. Immediately visit your doctor.

Q. I am pregnant right after an abortion. Is this a problem?

A. No, it is entirely ok; consult your doctor for other necessary medications for the proper growth of the fetus.

Q. Are there any care tips after abortion?

A. Have plenty of rest or fluids for a fast recovery after an abortion. 

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