Faint Line Dollar Tree Pregnancy Test- What Does it Mean?

The blog post contains complete information about the Faint line dollar tree pregnancy test, whether it is accurate or not, easily available, and more. Couples usually move to buy the most expensive pregnancy test kits hoping to get accurate results.

All the pregnancy kits depend on the chemically- treated paper that changes the color when you urinate on it. The main work of the pregnancy test is to detect the level of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) that is high if you are pregnant.

The low cost of the dollar tree drives many questions about its accuracy among couples but don’t worry; further, in this article, you will pack up with these things.

Dollar Tree Pregnancy Test

What Is a Dollar Tree Pregnancy Test?

A dollar store or tree pregnancy test is the most economical pregnancy test, which costs only $1. It is easy to use as all instructions have given on the pack so that you can take pregnancy tests easily at home.

Only need to follow all the instructions carefully to get the correct results. You will get the result within almost 3 minutes. If the test takes more than 3 to 5 minutes, the test may show false negative and positive pregnancy tests.

What Is the False Positive Dollar Tree Pregnancy Test?

Sometimes you may get the false Dollar Tree Pregnancy Test while not pregnant. Here are the reasons to get a false pregnancy test:

Expired Pregnancy Test

If you are using the expired pregnancy test, there are chances of getting false positive results. The expired pregnancy test may show two pink lines when you are not pregnant.

Chemical Pregnancy

When the sperm fertilizes the egg but the process doesn’t result in a pregnancy is called a chemical pregnancy. During this period, a woman’s body may produce enough hCG levels that can detect through the pregnancy test. But, chemical pregnancies generally lead to early miscarriage.

Having Infertility Treatment

Women taking the infertility treatment may get false pregnancy positive results after 2 to 3 weeks of the medication. In that case, you should not rely on the Dollar tree Pregnancy Test, but you should also consult your doctor to take a blood test to confirm your pregnancy.

Evaporation Line

Always remember the time limit to get the results is mentioned on the pack. After that time, the pregnancy test may show you false results. After 5 to 10 minutes, an evaporation line produces on the control panel that can mislead the pregnancy results.

Not Following all instructions

If you are not taking the pregnancy test as per the mentioned steps, you may also get false Dollar Pregnancy results. So, always read the instructions carefully before using pregnancy test.

If you doubt the authenticity of the pregnancy test, then immediately go for the blood test to confirm your pregnancy.

What Is a False Negative Dollar Pregnancy Test?

While pregnant, you get negative results, which is called the false negative Dollar tree pregnancy test. I have mentioned below the reasons that cause false negative pregnancy results.

Taking Early Pregnancy Test

At the early stage of pregnancy, the urine may not have enough amount of the hCG hormone. Medical experts suggest taking pregnancy tests after missing periods to get the most accurate results.

Obesity or High Body Mass Index (BMI)

Women with high BMI tend to have lower hCG at the early stage of pregnancy. And when they take an early pregnancy test, they get negative results, but after some days, they get positive pregnancy results.

The false results may cause excessive stress and anxiety, so if you have a little bit of doubt about the results of the pregnancy tests or have pregnancy symptoms, consult your midwife to know about your pregnancy.

Diluted or Unconcentrated Urine

Taking the pregnancy test using first-morning urine is always advised to get the most accurate results, as the morning urine is most concentrated and undiluted.

If you consume lots of fluids before taking the test, the hCG concentration may dilute in the urine, and you get a false pregnancy test. Make sure to use the first urine of the day to avoid stress due to false pregnancy results.

Pregnancy Problems

Due to Irregular pregnancy problems such as chemical pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy or early pregnancy, you may get positive pregnancy results. Still, after one or two weeks, the pregnancy test may show negative results.

In that case, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor about the accuracy of the pregnancy results. Ectopic pregnancy is a serious issue that may be life-threatening, so early diagnosis will help treat the problem.

So, to avoid any stress, take the pregnancy test properly as per the guidelines mentioned on the dollar tree pregnancy test kit.

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How Does the Dollar Tree Pregnancy Test Work?

Dollar tree captures the level of hCG hormone in your urine to tell whether you are pregnant or not. As the women conceive, their bodies have started to produce hCG but not immediately for the kit to identify in your urine sample. Therefore, you must wait 5 to 6 days after ovulation to test for pregnancy.

Is Dollar Store Pregnancy Test Accurate? 

The company claims its accuracy is over 99%. But still, as per the FDA, the accuracy of the dollar tree pregnancy test depends on how you use the kit. Different brands of kits have their step-wise step instructions and level of sensitivity.

First, you need to read the label or visit the manufacturer’s website to check the range of hCG levels the kit can detect. The lower number means the kit is too sensitive. Regardless of the hCG number, you should take the dollar tree pregnancy test a week after missing your period and follow the given instruction on the pack to get accurate results as per the experts.

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Are Dollar Store Pregnancy Tests Reliable?

The dollar test pregnancy kits are approved by the FDA and work precisely as the other fancy pregnancy kits. It is good news for the couple who have the bulk of doubt about its accuracy. The pregnancy kits are reliable so you can use them without worry. Only follow the given steps on the kit and get the best pregnancy results.

When Should I Take a Dollar Tree Pregnancy Test? 

However, the pregnancy tests are 99% accurate, but you should take the test a week after your period date expected. Medical experts suggest using the first urine as the hCG level is high in the morning.

When to take pregnancy test

How to Read Dollar Store Pregnancy Test results?

  • Dollar store Pregnancy Test shows your pregnancy through two lines. If you get 2 pink lines, it means you are pregnant. A faint line dollar tree pregnancy test also means you are pregnant. Faint pink lines indicate that you tested early and that a sufficient level of hCG has not yet been produced in your body.
  • If you see one dark pink line, it means you are not pregnant, and no lines mean that you have not taken the test as per the instructions on the pack or used the expiry pack.

What Does a Faint Line Dollar Tree Pregnancy Test Look Like?

The faint line pregnancy test appears too light pink, which does not make it understandable to read. The faint line confuses the user about the result of pregnancy. If two line looks very light, then also you are pregnant. If the line is very, very light then also you are pregnant.

When you take the pregnancy test too early, your urine does not have enough hCG, which is why you see the faint line but don’t worry. The faint lines show that you have taken the test correctly. But it is confirmed the result is positive, and immediately book an appointment with your doctor. The doctor may perform your blood test for more accuracy about pregnancy.             

If you find one faint line, you are not pregnant now. If you missed your periods, then retake the pregnancy test. May faint line dollar tree pregnancy test show your positive results.

Faint Line Dollar Tree Pregnancy

What Does a Faint Line on the Dollar Stock Pregnancy Test Mean?

It means you have taken the pregnancy test too early. Even a faint line indicates that you have some of the pregnancy hormones of hCG. So, don’t worry when you see the faint line o the dollar tree pregnancy test. 

In the beginning, the hCG level is shallow, but it then doubles every three days in the pregnancy. That is why you will find dark instead faint lines when you retake the pregnancy test. 

Why May You See a Faint Line on Your Pregnancy Test Results?

  • Testing too early
  • Using an expired test
  • Not considering the pregnancy results on time. The exact time mentioned on the pack is usually a few minutes. That is why checking results on time will give you accurate results. Once it is dry, it may leave a faint, colourless evap line.
  • Very diluted urine. To avoid the faint line, take the dollar tree pregnancy test in the morning when your urine will be most concentrated.

So, the earlier you take the pregnancy test, the higher the chances of getting false pregnancy results.

What to Do if You See a Faint Line on the Pregnancy Test? 

The best thing you can do is wait for a few more days, then again, buy the dollar tree pregnancy test and do it again. By then, your hCG level will increase you will get the accurate result about your pregnancy.

Another option is that discuss with your healthcare provider to confirm your pregnancy through a blood test. If you saw the faint line positive results and later you got negative results ( means your periods have started), that is the case of early pregnancy or miscarriage.

A chemical pregnancy means that your egg was fertilized but didn’t wholly implant. Your body produces the little hCG but stops when was paused to develop.

Sometimes you get false pregnancy results due to miscarriage, abortion, under some medical condition, and so o. It is rare, but it happens.

Dollar Tree Pregnancy vs Other Fancy Pregnancy Kits

Dollar tree pregnancy and other fancy pregnancy kits both work based on a chemically treated paper that detects the amount of hCG in your urine. It is very cheap to produce that paper; it is only packaging and branding that push the prices up. So, from the user’s point of view, the dollar pregnancy is an excellent option.

Dollar Test Pregnancy Test Reviews

Lots of people love to use the Dollar tree pregnancy test due to its low price and effective results. As some women check their pregnancy many times in a month to get positive results, so, in that case, the dollar tree test is an economical pregnancy kit than others.

Some women complain about pregnancy tests because every time they get an invalid result, there is no line in the pregnancy test window. It means they are not following the steps mentioned in the pregnancy kit.


A faint line dollar tree pregnancy test indicates the low hCG level in your urine, and you need to retake the pregnancy test after some days. Then, you will get an accurate result. After getting faint positive results, you can also consult your doctor for more accuracy.

You can avoid the faint line or false pregnancy test by following the steps that are mentioned on the pack. Moreover, dollar tree pregnancy test are accurate only you need to take test properly.


Here I have mentioned more answers to some of the common questions about Dollar tree pregnancy tests-

Q. Are dollar store or tree pregnancy tests accurate?

A. Yes, they are accurate and approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Q. What is the best time to take the dollar tree pregnancy test? 

A. To get the most accurate result, take pregnancy test early in the morning when you wake up before diluting the urine. 

Q. How to avoid the faint line on a pregnancy test?

A. Take the pregnancy test after you miss your periods.

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