What Is The Accuracy Of An Expired Pregnancy Test?

Suddenly, I remembered today is 15. Oh! I missed my period. I was feeling too anxious and rushed to the bathroom. I opened the bathroom drawer and picked out a pregnancy test without thinking that What if I used an expired pregnancy test? Do pregnancy test expire?

I used that pregnancy kit that I probably bought two years ago. What do you think? I have used a pregnancy test expired 2 years ago. So, what about the results? Whether I get accurate results or not. Does pregnancy tests expire? Hold your horses for a minute and keep the article reading to know everything about the expiry pregnancy test and their results.

Expired Pregnancy test

Do Pregnancy Tests Ever Expire?

Yes, the pregnancy test expires after the specific time mentioned on the pack, typically ranging from one to three years. It’s crucial to adhere to the indicated expiration date because after that period, the pregnancy tests become less effective in detecting the amount of the hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone through urine.

Using an expired test may lead to inaccurate results, which can have significant implications for those trying to confirm or rule out pregnancy. Therefore, always check the expiration date before you use a pregnancy test strip and ensure the test is within its validity period for reliable results.

The hCG hormone can only produce in the body of the pregnant woman. The pregnancy test tells us results by finding the hCG amount in the woman’s body. If you have used an expiry pregnancy test, you may get false positive or invalid pregnancy results.

After the expiry date, the chemical in the pregnancy test kit may evaporate or become inactive to find out the hCG level. So, how can the results be reliable with the expired pregnancy test?

Can An Expired Pregnancy Test Be Accurate?

Do expired pregnancy tests work? How often are expired pregnancy tests wrong? Whether you are trying to conceive or not, early pregnancy detection is a must. Most pregnancy tests are accurate up to 99% if used correctly, but the in the case of an expiry pregnancy test, we can’t be sure about its results.

The pregnancy tests use a chemical that reacts with the urine to reveal the pregnancy test results. However, after the expiry date, the chemical is not in good condition to search out the amount of the hCG. So, the expired pregnancy test results can’t be accurate all the time in the case of every woman.

Does an Expired Pregnancy Test Control Line Work?

Can you use expired pregnancy tests? Expired pregnancy test control line worked? After the expiration date, we can’t be sure about the working of the pregnancy test. In some cases, the pregnancy test can show a control line on the pregnancy test to ensure it is working, but not in every case.

It can happen the pregnancy test will not work, but in most cases, the pregnancy test work. Working on an expiry pregnancy test doesn’t mean you will get the most accurate pregnancy results. You may have false pregnancy results with the expiry pregnancy test.

What Do the Expired Pregnancy Test Results Look Like?

Is the expired pregnancy test false positive result fact true? There are many people out there who are confused that can an expired pregnancy test give a false negative result? The expiry pregnancy test may provide false negative results or false positive results. In addition, the results may put you under stress, so the best idea is to check the expiration date before using it.

Here I have mentioned the pregnancy test results that you may get by using the expiry pregnancy test:

Expired Pregnancy Test Positive

You may see two pink lines on the pregnancy test, one on the control panel and the second on the test line. That indicates your pregnancy, but in actuality, you are not pregnant. As I mentioned, you may get a false positive result with the expiry pregnancy test even if your pregnancy test expired 1 year ago.

So, if you get an expiry pregnancy test positive, that doesn’t mean you are pregnant. For more surety, you should use the non-expiry pregnancy test or immediately visit your doctor to confirm your pregnancy.

Expired Pregnancy Test Negative

A pregnancy test that shows just one line in the control area often yields a negative result, implying there is no detectable pregnancy. However, it’s critical to take into account the accuracy of this result, particularly when working with a pregnancy test that has expired. Using a test that has expired can result in false negatives, where the test may fail to correctly identify an early pregnancy.

In light of this, it is advised to retest with a test that has not expired or to visit a healthcare provider for confirmation if you receive a negative result from an expired pregnancy test. Relying simply on a test result that has already expired may not give you an accurate picture of your pregnancy status, which could lead to uncertainty or delayed action.

So, retake the pregnancy test and visit your healthcare provider. Let’s suppose you have missed periods but get negative results. Sit calmly. You are not pregnant, but after some time, if you start to feel the very early signs of pregnancy 1 week and visit your doctor. And the doctor confirms your pregnancy. But you missed the antenatal care necessary for the proper growth of the fetus and the expecting mother. So, why take the risk? First, check the expiration date and then use it to get the correct pregnancy results.

Pro Tips:- Early detection is the base of a healthy pregnancy. If you have any doubt about your pregnancy, visit your healthcare provider immediately, as sometimes non-expiry pregnancy tests may show false results if you don’t use them correctly.

How to Get the Most Accurate Pregnancy Results?

Gulp up quickly the following details to get the correct pregnancy test results:

  • Make sure to use a non-expiry pregnancy test.
  • Read the instructions on the pack to know the exact process to avoid false pregnancy results.
  • Calmly take the pregnancy test and put at least 3 to 4 drops of urine in the testing area.
  • Please wait for the results until the manufacturer has mentioned them on the pack.
  • After that time, the pregnancy test kit shows accurate pregnancy results.
  • If you get an invalid or no result in the pregnancy test window, that means the test is not working. You need to retake the pregnancy test or consult your healthcare provider.

Points to remember

  • Avoid using the expired pregnancy test.
  • Follow instructions carefully.
  • Store the pregnancy test carefully before using it.


After one or two years of manufacturing the pregnancy test, they expire as the other medical products in the chemist’s shop. Of course, the medical store will not sell expired pregnancy tests. But sometimes, in a hurry, you don’t check the pregnancy test you bought when you got pregnant the first time. The expired pregnancy results can create a panic about whether you are considering family planning or not.

The best idea is to check the expiration date of the pregnancy test in the same way you check the expiry date of food items or medicines. So always check the expiry date mentioned on the pack to avoid mental stress.

FAQs Regarding Are Expired Pregnancy Tests Accurate?

Here are the answers to the most asked questions about the expired pregnancy test that will help you to understand it is not ok to use a pregnancy test after the expiration date:

What happens if I use a pregnancy test that has expired?

Results from an expired pregnancy test may not be accurate. The test’s sensitivity may deteriorate over time, making it less accurate at detecting pregnancy.

How can I find out if a pregnancy test is still valid?

The pregnancy test kit’s package typically has the expiration date printed on it. To make sure the test is reliable, it is crucial to verify this date before applying it.

What should I do if a pregnancy test that I used was expired and the results were positive?

It is advised to confirm the result with a non-expired test or to visit a healthcare expert for additional assessment if you think you might be pregnant after using an expired test.

Can a pregnancy test that has expired produce a false negative result?

Yes, a test that has expired may give falsely negative results, failing to find a pregnancy that is actually present. Confusion or a delay in confirmation could result from this.

Can a pregnancy test be preserved longer than usual?

No, a pregnancy test’s shelf life cannot be extended. To ensure reliable results, expired tests must be discarded and replaced.

What are the dangers of using a pregnancy test result that has expired?

Relying on a test that has expired could result in unnecessary anxiety or poor pregnancy decisions. To get accurate results, it’s better to use a test that hasn’t expired.

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