What Is Clear Blue Pregnancy Test?

Clear blue pregnancy test is one of the most famous pregnancy tests to get the most accurate pregnancy result. The pregnancy test is 99% accurate, but only you make sure to follow the instructions mentioned on the box. A variety of Clear blue pregnancy tests is available in the market so that you can pick as per your choice.

Taking the pregnancy test can be tricky sometimes if you don’t get the correct result or get confused about how to read the pregnancy test. Before taking the pregnancy test, women feel too anxious about whether they plan to conceive or not. In that critical moment, if you get confused with the pregnancy test, it may be a horrible experience for you.

When I took the pregnancy test when I was trying to conceive for the first time, I was anxious and a little bit confused about taking the pregnancy test. So, I decided to tell you everything about the Clear blue pregnancy test, so hit the content till the last line of the article.

What Is Clear Blue Pregnancy Test?

How Does the Clear Blue Pregnancy Test Work?

Clear blue pregnancy test or any brand of pregnancy test works on the same factor. The main task of the pregnancy test is to detect the hCG hormone, which is only available in a pregnant woman’s body. The hormone begins to produce by the fertilized egg and later the placenta.

A fertilized egg takes 6 to 8 days to implant into the lining of the uterus before the missed period. At this time, hCG begins to appear in the urine or blood of the pregnant woman. Although the amount of hCG is low at first, with the progression of the pregnancy, the hCG level also begins to produce rapidly. The pregnancy tests detect the amount of the hCG and tell about your pregnancy.

When Can I Take Clear the Blue Pregnancy Test?

It depends on which kind of pregnancy test you are using. The standard home pregnancy test can give accurate results after missed period. If you are using the Clear blue early detection pregnancy test, you need not wait to get your period missed as the test can tell you the exact results 6 days before the expected date of your period.

If you get two pink lines means you are pregnant. Getting one pink line indicates that you are not pregnant. You are also pregnant if you get one dark line and one faint pink line. If you get a negative pregnancy test, but you have any doubt about your pregnancy, then retake the pregnancy test after 4 to 5 days as sometimes you may get a pregnancy test negative when you are taking the test too early.

How to Read a Clear Blue Pregnancy Test?

If you are using the digital Clear blue pregnancy test, you will get results through the pregnancy test window like ‘pregnant” or “not pregnant”. The digital pregnancy test shows results in words so you can quickly know about your pregnancy results.

Clear Blue Pregnancy Test

The early pregnancy test reveals the pregnancy test result by showing the pink line in the pregnancy test window. Two pink lines mean a positive pregnancy test, and you are pregnant. One pink line means that the pregnancy test result is negative and you are not pregnant.

If you are using the Clear blue rapid detection pregnancy test, you will first see the one blue line in the control window, which means the pregnancy test is working. You are not pregnant if you get a minus (-) in the test window.

If you get the plus (+) in the test window, you are pregnant—congratulation on your big day. Different Clear blue pregnancy tests use different ways to confirm your pregnancy. Read the box before using it.

All the things like the time you have to wait for the results, how to take the pregnancy test and how to read pregnancy results are mentioned on the packaging, so read them carefully to avoid any stress when taking pregnancy results.

How to Use Clear Blue Pregnancy Test?

Follow the instructions that come with the pregnancy test. The procedure of taking all Clear blue pregnancy test is similar.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to get the correct pregnancy results:

  • Open the wrapper and take out the stick. Now remove the cap of the stick.
  • Place the absorbent tip in your urine stream for at least 5 seconds. If you feel uncomfortable in this way, you can collect the urine sample in a clean cup and dip the absorbent tip in the cup for 5 or 20 seconds, as mentioned in the test box.
  • Always remember to keep the absorbent tip downwards during the entire process; otherwise, you may get a false pregnancy test result.
  • Now replace the cap and keep the stick on a flat surface.
  • Wait 1 – 3 minutes to read the result accordingly to the instructions that mentioned on the pregnancy test’s box.
  • The instruction leaflet will guide you to interpret pregnancy results or further steps here.


Clear blue pregnancy test is the most trusted brand that offers a variety of pregnancy tests to provide the best possible results for your pregnancy. All the instructions are mentioned on the box for taking the pregnancy test stress-free .

You need to follow step-by-step instructions to avoid false pregnancy results. Make sure to handle the Clear blue pregnancy test carefully as if it falls on any surface before using, it may damage and provide no result or invalid pregnancy results.

Pro Tips:- Always check the expiry date of the pregnancy test on the box, as the expiry pregnancy test may give you false pregnancy results.

FAQ’s: Clear Blue Pregnancy Test

Here are the answers to the most asked questions about the Clear blue pregnancy test that will help you to get the most accurate pregnancy results:

Q. What to do after getting Clear blue pregnancy test results positive?

A. You must book the appointment and meet your healthcare provider to decide on your pregnancy.

Q. How accurate is the Clear blue early-detection pregnancy test?

A. All types of Clear blue pregnancy tests are 99% accurate.

Q. Which Clear blue pregnancy test can I buy to avoid confusion in reading?

A. You must buy the digital Clear blue pregnancy test as it will show the result in words such as “pregnant” or “not pregnant”.

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