Can Alcohol Affect A Pregnancy Test?

Are you also wondering about how can alcohol affect a pregnancy test? A lot of people have doubts about the effect of drinking alcohol on the result of the pregnancy test. The plain answer is no. There is no direct connection between drinking alcohol and taking pregnancy tests, but alcohol can alter a pregnancy test. It is a complete myth alcohol can make your positive pregnancy test negative.

So, if you are a little tipsy, realize your missed period and want to take a pregnancy test immediately. But can you trust the results? Can alcohol affect a pregnancy test? To know everything about the connection between pregnancy tests, your pregnancy, and alcohol, stay with me till the last line of the article.

Can Alcohol Affect A Pregnancy Test

Does Alcohol Affect Pregnancy Test?

Before jumping on, can alcohol affect a pregnancy test – Yes or No. Can alcohol cause a false pregnancy test? First, get a brief description of how the pregnancy test work to detect pregnancy. The pregnancy test is designed to determine the level of the hCG in the urine to confirm pregnancy.

Alcohol In Pregnancy

The hCG is the pregnancy hormone that starts to produce in the women after implantation. The pregnancy test reacts with the urine and shows wording, lines, two lines on a pregnancy test or sign (plus or minus) results to tell whether you are pregnant.

Various people do have confusion if dry mouth is a symptom of pregnancy or not, with us you will get answer to all your queries. Now let’s return to the most asked query,” can alcohol affect a pregnancy test.” Can alcohol affect hcg levels? Taking pregnancy test after drinking alcohol can’t affect the level of the hCG in the urine. So drinking alcohol can’t directly affect a pregnancy test.

The consumption of alcohol can’t affect the pregnancy test. But drinking alcohol makes you dehydrated and leads you to drink more water. Drinking too much water or other liquids can dilute your urine, making it too difficult for a pregnancy test to detect the amount of hCG, especially in early pregnancy. The diluted urine sample can give you a false negative pregnancy test result. In that way, alcohol can affect pregnancy test results.

If you are drunk, you may not be able to follow the proper instructions while taking the pregnancy test. Not following proper instructions can lead you to get fake pregnancy test results. So, it is not ok to use a pregnancy test strip or take a pregnancy test when you are drunk.

However, the alcohol in your urine while drinking can’t interfere with the level of the hCG, so if you follow all instructions correctly, such as putting the urine sample carefully (pee on the strip carefully), reading the results in the recommended time, etc., you will get the accurate pregnancy results.

I hope you understand everything about your question,” can drinking alcohol affect a pregnancy test.” If you get negative pregnancy results, you should retake the test after a few days to confirm your pregnancy. You should consult your healthcare provider if you get positive pregnancy test results.

What To Do After Getting A Positive Pregnancy Test While Drinking?

If you are drunk and get a positive pregnancy test, then it is an alarm for you to stop drinking, as drinking alcohol can’t alter pregnancy test results but can affect the baby’s growth. For more confirmation, your pregnancy first retakes the pregnancy test the next day. If you get again two pink lines on the pregnancy test, that means you are pregnant.

Take you next step to decide on your pregnancy- book an appointment to visit your healthcare provider. If you want to move forward, discuss the pregnancy care and other precautions you need to take for the proper growth of the fetus. Stop drinking, as it can cause abnormal growth mentally or physically in the fetus.


So, the moment you learn about your pregnancy, stop drinking for the sake of your baby. It is always advisable to stop drinking if you are trying to conceive, as you may unknowingly hurt your baby. So, it is best to avoid alcohol while trying to conceive. Can alcohol affect a pregnancy test result? The answer is no. But drinking alcohol affects the growth of your baby.

How Much Alcohol Can I Drink While Pregnant?

No amount of alcohol is safe during pregnancy. You have to stop drinking alcohol for the proper growth of the baby. The consumption of alcohol during pregnancy can cause miscarriage, stillbirth, and mental and physical disabilities. These disabilities are also called alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs). Baby with the FASDs may have the following symptoms and characteristics:

  • Small head size
  • Low body weight
  • Poor memory 
  • Lack of speech
  • Learning disabilities 
  • Hyperactive behavior
  • Sleep and sucking problems as a baby
  • Poor judgment skill

If we talk about how can alcohol affect a pregnancy test, then the answer is no. But after conception, alcohol is the most dangerous for the baby and mother. So stopping drinking as you know about your pregnancy will be wise for the baby’s growth.

Can Alcohol Affect A Pregnancy Test In The First Month?

The first month of the pregnancy is the crucial for the baby’s growth and development.  The organ system of the fetus starts to form around the first month of the pregnancy. If we talk about how can alcohol affect a pregnancy test.  No, alcohol can’t affect a pregnancy test but it can affect the growth of the fetus. Alcohol doesn’t even affect the growth of the fetus but can damage the fetus.

When a pregnant woman consumes alcohol, it crosses the placenta and enters the bloodstream of the developing fetus. The fetal liver is not yet fully developed, and it cannot metabolize alcohol as effectively as an adult liver. As a result, alcohol stays in the fetus’s bloodstream for a longer time, leading to potentially harmful effects.

Drinking can increase the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, and birth defects. It can also cause a condition known as fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), which is characterized by growth problems, facial abnormalities, and intellectual disability.

So, the best idea is to give up drinking alcohol when you are planning to conceive. Can alcohol affect a pregnancy test? The answer is  no. But alcohol can interfere with the growth of the baby. So instead of consuming dangerous products like alcohol what you can prefer to do is go for a balanced diet for a pregnant women.

What Not To Do Before Taking A Pregnancy Test?

Can alcohol affect a pregnancy test? I already mentioned that alcohol couldn’t affect the pregnancy test, but some things can affect the result of the pregnancy. It would help if you considered the following things to enhance the accuracy of the pregnancy test.

Pregnancy Test

Avoid Expired Pregnancy Test

Always check the date of the pregnancy test; after the expiration date, they become inactive to find out the exact level of the hCG. So, you may get false negative pregnancy test results.

Avoid Drinking Too Much Liquid

Avoid drinking too much water before taking a pregnancy test, as it can dilute the concentration of the hCG in your urine, and you may get false negative pregnancy results.

Avoid Medication Can Affect Pregnancy Test

Some medications, like fertility drugs or those containing hCG, can trick the pregnancy test results. So, if you are on some medicine, discuss it with your healthcare provider before taking a pregnancy test to get accurate results.

Avoid Testing Early

Always take the pregnancy test after the missed period. The pregnancy tests are the most accurate after the missed period. So if you want to take a pregnancy test, wait until the missed period. Make sure to take a pregnancy test with the first urine of the morning, as it is more highly concentrated, and you will get accurate pregnancy test results.

Can alcohol affect a pregnancy test? No, but the things mentioned above can affect a pregnancy test. So, take pregnancy tests correctly to get the most accurate pregnancy results.


Can alcohol affect a pregnancy test? A big no. But there are high chances of getting false pregnancy test results as you are not in condition to follow all the instructions for taking a pregnancy test while drinking. Drinking alcohol can’t interfere with the production of hCG in the pregnant woman’s body, so it can’t alter the pregnancy test results. 

If you get a negative pregnancy test but doubt you are pregnant, then take two steps: stop drinking immediately and retake the pregnancy test. If you get negative this time, also that means you are not pregnant, but if you get a positive pregnancy test, then visit your healthcare provider for the prenatal care that supports the baby’s growth. So, I hope you will get the essential information about how can alcohol affect a pregnancy test and your pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions – Can You Drink While Pregnant?

Here are the answers to the most asked question around the query,” Can alcohol affect a pregnancy test? Gulp the information quickly to know about your pregnancy, pregnancy test, and alcohol relationship:

Q. Can you take a pregnancy test after drinking water?

A. You can take a pregnancy test. But drinking water before the pregnancy test can make the urine diluted. So there is a chance of getting a false negative pregnancy test.

Q. How long after drinking alcohol can I take a pregnancy test?

A. You can take a pregnancy test any time after a missed period but make sure to follow the instructions that are mentioned on the pack to get the correct pregnancy test results.

Q. Can alcohol affect a pregnancy test the following day?

A. No, there is no connection between the production of hCG and alcohol. So, alcohol can’t affect a pregnancy test the next morning. Only remember to follow all pregnancy test instructions carefully.

Q. Can alcohol affect pregnancy in the first month?

A. Yes, alcohol consumption during the first month of pregnancy can increase the risk of miscarriage and harm the developing fetus, leading to congenital disabilities and cognitive impairments.

Q. Can alcohol in your pee affect a pregnancy test?

A. No, the presence of alcohol in urine does not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test. The pregnancy test only detects pregnancy based on the absence or presence of the hCG.

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