When is the Best Time to Start Wearing Maternity Clothes?

When to start wearing maternity clothes is the primary concern among pregnant women. As the women get a positive pregnancy test, they start to plan shopping for maternity clothes. And excitedly, they jump on the internet to buy the best maternity clothes.

But after spending a few hours on the internet in search of the best maternity clothes. They find themselves muddling up with the thought – When is the best time to begin wearing maternity clothes?

Start Wearing Maternity Clothes

Every woman is different. Every pregnancy is different, so their need to buy maternity clothes is also different. The best time to wear maternity clothes ups to you. Whenever you feel uncomfortable in your existing clothes, this is best to buy wearing maternity clothes.

When Do I Start Wearing Maternity Clothes?

If you feel uncomfortable with your regular clothes, immediately move to maternity clothes. Usually, women decide to start wearing maternity clothes about to end of the first trimester. By this time, the size of the tummy starts to grow, which makes you uncomfortable with your existing clothes. Choosing the time to buy maternity clothes also depends on the preference of the pregnant woman.

Some women prefer to wear loose or maternity clothes from the first week of the pregnancy, while some others wait to start wearing maternity clothes until the end of the first trimester. So, the best time to move maternity clothes depends on the preference of the pregnant woman.

How Can I Decide the Best Time to Buy Maternity Clothes?

However, it is your personal choice to choose the right time to buy maternity clothes, but some factors can help you decide the best time to start wearing them. Here we go.

Your Uterus

12 weeks:- By this time, the uterus reaches the top of your public bone. As your uterus starts to grow and your belly starts to round, that makes you uncomfortable with your regular clothes. So, by the end of the first trimester, you should start wearing maternity clothes.

14 weeks:- By this time, the uterus is about 2 inches above the bone. You may feel your uterus in your abdomen, although it is not visible to others. At this point, you feel your regular wear get tight around your waist. This is the most common time when expectant start to wear maternity pants and trousers.

16 weeks:- your uterus will be halfway between your pubic bone and your belly button. Some people don’t want to show it however, your uterus has grown enough at this time, to get noticed by others, so women start wearing maternity clothes. 

20 weeks:- Now, it is your belly button. This is the best time to buy maternity clothes and make yourself comfortable to enjoy this crucial time. Go for stylish maternity clothes and enjoy the most beautiful time of your life.           

Because of differences in body shape, pre-pregnancy weight and clothes styles, some women don’t feel uncomfortable in their regular clothes until their 16-week pregnancy and decide to buy maternity clothes after that time.

Weight Gain

It does not matter what your pre-pregnancy weight is. If you gain a lot of weight in early pregnancy, you may feel uncomfortable in your clothes and decide to change your wardrobe. 

Gaining weight can make you uncomfortable around your waist at this time you should start wearing maternity clothes. Some women start to feel constipation and morning sickness in early pregnancy, so wearing loose or maternity clothes is the best way to feel comfortable and calm around early pregnancy.

Growth of the Breast Size

The breast size of the pregnant woman starts to increase from 12 weeks due to hormonal changes in their bodies. So, you may need to buy a larger cup-size bra in the early pregnancy and also, you may need to buy more large bra sizes after the first trimester.

How to Choose Maternity Clothes?

Women have so many doubts about choosing the right size of maternity clothes. The size of the maternity clothes is like the non-pregnant clothes size. So, you can choose as per your standard size. You need not choose the extra size of maternity clothes.

Maternity Clothes

If you gain a lot of weight in the early pregnancy, you can take the extra maternity size to make you and your baby comfortable. Before buying maternity clothes, you should try them first to choose the most comfortable for you.

Concluding Words

The best time to start wearing maternity clothes depend on many factors such as pre-pregnancy weight, growing uterus, body shape, and so on. However, the best time depends on the preference of the pregnant woman. Whenever the expectant feels uncomfortable, that is best for her to buy maternity clothes.

FAQs Regarding Start Wearing Maternity Clothes

I have answered some of the most asked questions about choosing the best maternity clothes. I hope the answers will guide you to choose the perfect maternity clothes:

What are the alternatives to maternity clothes?

Here are some alternatives to maternity clothes:
1) Pleated dresses that flare at the waist
2) Oversized shirts
3) Stretchy pants and skirts
4) A-lines dresses that flare from the top

Where to Buy Maternity Clothing?

You can buy maternity wears from a wide variety of retailers, large and small, in-store and online.

Why do we need to start wearing maternity clothes?

The maternity clothes make you feel more comfortable enjoying pregnancy.

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