What Is The Best Milk For A Newborn Baby?

Finally, a joy of a bundle is in your hand. The motherhood journey has started so prepare yourself to give a healthy life to your baby. Now, the baby will survive only on milk. Parents often get confused about the best milk for a newborn baby as a wide range of formula milk is available in the market.

Often new mama gets confused about choosing the best milk. It is real motherhood. So, if you are also feeling the same, don’t worry. I can understand you. I have also faced this problem so I will tell you the best milk for your baby through my blog post. Stay Tuned.

Milk For A Newborn Baby

Best Milk For A Newborn Baby

Breast milk is the best option for the baby’s growth. Medical experts suggest breastfeeding for up to 6 months at least. It is essential for the physical and mental health of a newborn baby. Even remember your doctor also has advised to breastfeed for up to 6 months.

It is important for both a new mama and a newborn baby. So, set your mind to breastfeeding and enjoy the time with your baby as much as possible. I am sure that you will feel amazing when you lift your baby in your arm to keep him/her close for breastfeeding.

Breast milk has all nutrients that are essential for a newborn baby. Colostrum is the first milk that comes from breast that contains nutrients that keep your baby away from many infections. Feeding colostrum in the baby’s early days is like a right beginning for his/her health. The WHO also recommends breastfeeding at least for the 6th month or 1 year for the baby’s proper growth.

Moreover, breast milk is clean, safe and contains antibodies that keep it away from infection and diseases, which is why it is the ideal milk for a newborn baby.

Importance of Breast Milk For a Newborn Baby

Here I have mentioned some important points to clear your vision about choosing breast milk for a newborn baby:

  • Breast milk strengthens immunity system of your baby.
  • All the nutrients are in the right proportion in the breast milk, which is why your baby can digest it easily.
  • It is loaded with the antibodies that help your baby to fight against viruses and bacteria.
  • Breastfeeding reduces your baby’s risk for many illnesses and diseases, such as middle ear infections, respiratory tract infections, cold infections, bowel diseases, allergic diseases, diabetes, and many more. 
  • It is available for babies at normal temperatures and meets their needs in no time.
  • It is ideal milk for a newborn baby and has essential nutrients that help the baby gain sufficient weight.
  • Some studies suggest that breastfed babies are more intelligent than formula–fed babies. 

Importance of Breastfeeding For the New Mama

Breastfeeding builds up a strong bond between mama and baby. The love and concern provide emotional support to mama and baby both. They both feel connected, which helps a new mom to nourish her child.

Check out more breastfeeding benefits for the mother here:

  • Breastfeeding helps the mother to lose weight. You may confuse, but it is true as it is helpful to burn more calories after the 3 months of lactation. And you also feel your weight is reducing.
  • Normally, some women face PPD (postpartum depression). Still, it happens less with breastfeeding mothers.
  • It prevents the mamas from breast cancer and other diseases such as high blood fat, high blood pressure, arthritis, etc.
  • Breastfeeding prevents you from early or unwanted pregnancy as it pauses menstruation and ovulation, but you can’t use it as birth control in the long run.
  • It is helpful for the contractions of the uterus, which grows immensely during pregnancy. Continuing feeding helps uterus to come back in its normal size. So choosing a breast milk for a newborn baby is a sign of a wellbeing for mother too.

Most Common Breastfeeding Challenges

Breastfeeding can be challenging from the get-go for some mothers. They will need some time to adjust to the routine. Even we can say that new moms need lots of patience to get used to the breastfeeding sessions. Here is the list of the most common concerns for new mothers that they may face during the first weeks and months of breastfeeding:

Personal Discomfort

Many new mothers feel the personal discomfort of handling the baby but can overcome it through the proper education, support, and practices.

Latch-on Pain 

It is a normal problem many new mothers face for the first week or 10 days of breastfeeding. But if you are experiencing so much pain throughout the breastfeeding session or have sore or painful nipples, then you need to consult your doctor or lactation consultant to get help. Mostly the Latch-on Pain happens due to not following the proper breastfeeding technique, but if you are facing severe pain, you should consult your doctor to deal with it.

Time and Frequency of the Feedings

In the beginning months, the baby needs to feed more frequently as the baby also takes some time to get used to the breastfeeding process. Moreover, breast milk digests faster than formula milk, so the baby needs milk frequently. Due to the frequent demand for milk, the mother feels challenges to handle their work, travel or run errands. Sometimes new mothers get frustrated with the breastfeeding routine or sessions.


A diet is the major concern for new moms who breastfeed their babies as the food and drink they take that can be passed to the babies through the breast milk. As the moms do care a lot about their diet during pregnancy, in the same manner, they also need to be concerned at breastfeeding time.

You have to limit your caffeine to about one or two cups of coffee as the excessive amount may cause irritability in babies. And you have to quit alcohol as it can be passed to your baby through breast milk and put your baby in discomfort.

Lack of Sleep

In the beginning, the baby is too little and cannot drink an efficient amount of breast milk, so the baby craves for milk repeatedly. Moms have to sit many times for breastfeeding during the day or night, which creates sleeping discomfort for them. As we know the importance of breast milk for a newborn baby, you should discuss your breastfeeding issues with your doctors to resolve them quickly to enjoy the breastfeeding sessions.

Can I Choose Formula Milk for a Newborn Baby?

If breast milk is not available then, you can choose formula milk for your baby. As I mentioned earlier in the post, breast milk is like a complete food for a baby and enough for baby’s proper growth. But if you cannot feed your baby due to medication, health issues, and discomfort, then you can give formula milk to your baby. Formula milk contains many nutrients like vitamins, iron, calcium, etc.

Formula milk is available in the market in two forms – Dry powder that you have to make mixing water with it and liquid formula that you can give your baby directly. A ready-to-feed liquid formula is more expensive than powdered formula milk.

It is convenient but needs to be used more quickly once the pack is opened. That is why the doctor recommends choosing dry powder milk for a newborn baby. Formula milk contributes the same nutrients but cannot protect your baby from infections. If the circumstances are in your favor, then choose only breast milk.

Here is the list of formula milk for a newborn baby:

  • Cow’s milk formula
  • Hydrolyzed formula
  • Soy formula 
  • Specialized formula

Which Formula Milk for a Newborn Baby is the best?

Many formula milk are available in the market. The best idea is to discuss it with your doctor, who will suggest to you the best type or brand of milk as per your baby’s health. However, all formula milk contains all the essential nutrients your baby needs to grow up. Most importantly, formula milk is easy to digest so that you can choose anyone without worry. For more surety, consult with the doctor once before purchasing formula milk. 

Can Breast Milk or Formula Milk for a Newborn Baby Work Together?

Breast or formula milk for a newborn baby can benefit the baby’s growth. But remember, breast milk for a newborn baby is the best option, but in any emergency, you can give your baby formula milk.

And if you want to give both kinds of milk in routine to your baby, then you need to discuss it with your doctor to get the best advice for your baby’s well-being.

Can Water Affect the Quality of Formula Milk?

The water can’t affect the quality of the formula milk. But the water you will mix with powder should be hygienic. Otherwise, it can be a reason for stomach issues for your baby. The best idea is to boil the water and let it cool, then mix it with the milk. Boiling is the best technique to make the water germs-free. You may also use filtered water to make the milk for a newborn baby.

Formula Milk vs. Breast Milk

Doctors highly recommend breast milk for a newborn baby as it works as an immunity booster for the babies and is also helpful for the baby’s growth. For up to six months, the baby depends on only milk, so if you are facing so many breastfeeding issues or any medication that affects your baby, then you can choose formula milk over breast milk.

The formula milk is also packed with all the nutrients a baby needs to grow well. Many breastfeeding issues can be handled easily. You don’t need to be afraid. Discuss everything with your doctor if you want to continue breastfeeding. Formula milk is the best alternative to breast milk. In the absence of breast milk, you can choose formula milk without any worry.

When Should You Not Breastfeed Your baby?

However, Choosing breast milk for a newborn baby is the best choice, but there are some exceptions when you should not breastfeed your baby:

  • Breastfeeding is not advised if you are infected with HIV or AIDs. The baby can get infected with HIV via breast milk. In that case, if you want to provide breast milk to your baby, you can contact human milk banks to arrange milk.
  • You shouldn’t breastfeed your baby if you are on some medication that makes your milk indigestible for baby. It would help if you discussed that thing with your healthcare provider.
  • Mothers with cancer can’t go for breastfeeding as the medication can pause their baby’s growth.

Although choosing the breast milk for a baby is a good decision but in above mentioned circumstances, you need to consult with your doctor for when or when not going for breastfeeding.


Now, you may understand how important breast milk for a newborn baby is! Breastfeeding is a completely personal choice of the new mothers, but after reading about its benefits, I am sure you will choose breast milk for your baby.

You need not spend a huge amount to buy formula milk. You can use that amount to take care of yourself and your baby. Breastfeeding is also convenient during travelling or whenever you are out. Breast milk provides numerous benefits to you and your baby.

Some women face breastfeeding challenges and choose formula milk for their babies. In that case, also, you should discuss it with your doctor before choosing a formula milk over breast milk. They will guide you to overcome these issues to continue breastfeeding. But don’t give up on idea choosing the breast milk for a newborn baby.

FAQs About Breastfeeding Milk For A Newborn Baby

Now the time is to check out the answers to the most asked questions about why choose the breast milk for a newborn baby:

When should I visit a lactation consultant?

You are breastfeeding a baby but due to some reasons such as a cracked nipple, feeling pain during breastfeeding, etc. Then you should contact a lactation consultant or healthcare provider to continue it.

How much should I feed my baby?

At least every two hours in the day and night as well. Set the alarm at night and follow the same routine as it is necessary for your baby’s growth.

Why is breastfeeding important for a mother?

Here are some reasons to choose breast milk for a newborn baby:
1) Lower risk of ovarian cancer
2) Decrease blood pressure
3) Lower risk of breast cancer

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