Is It Bad To Not Wear A Bra During Pregnancy?

Women have a bulk of confusion about wearing a bra during pregnancy. Some wear bras daily, and others think it is a bad idea to use them during pregnancy. So, wearing a bra is good or bad? Let’s know through the blog post.

Every woman responds differently to the changes throughout the pregnancy. The breasts’ size keeps enhancing during pregnancy which is the fact that births several myths regarding using a bra in pregnancy.

Bra During Pregnancy

Should I Wear a Bra During Pregnancy? 

Some women believe that wearing a bra through out pregnancy can cause breast cancer and also disturb milk production in their bodies. But it is the biggest myth about wearing bras during pregnancy. Medical experts proclaim that using bras during pregnancy can not harm a pregnant woman and her baby.

But you can only feel uncomfortable if you choose the incorrect size of bra, as we all know how it is essential to stay comfortable during pregnancy. But wearing bras can’t make your pregnancy complicated. So, it is entirely your choice to wear a bra or not.

It is not bad to not wear a bra during pregnancy. It is your choice. But the medical experts suggest wearing a bra to keep your breast size in check. As the pregnancy progresses, the breast size also enhances, so to give them support, you should wear maternity bras.

Moreover, wearing a bra makes you feel fit and enjoy the pregnancy. You can try maternity bras as they are designed to make pregnant women comfortable.

When to Start Wearing a Maternity Bra?

There is no right time to start wearing a maternity bra during pregnancy. It is entirely up to you. How much breast size will increase during pregnancy differs from woman to woman, as we know every pregnancy is not the same.

So, you can replace your existing bras as per your comfort. There is no fixed time to start wearing a bra during pregnancy.

What will Happen if We Go Braless During Pregnancy?

If you feel uncomfortable wearing a bra during pregnancy, you can stop using it. Nothing will happen to your body. No medical evidence proves that not wearing bra makes your breasts sag.

Gaining weight during pregnancy is the main reason for the sagging of the breasts. But not wearing a bra is not a good idea as if you go for a walk or shopping you feel uncomfortable.

If you are facing issues with the bra, choose a large size of the bra that makes you feel comfortable and fit.

Last months of the pregnancy, breasts grow in size, and women feel fuller and heavier, which can cause back pain or neck pain. Wearing bras support your breasts to make your pregnancy easygoing, and you feel comfortable doing any activity.

Can I Wear an Underwire Bra During Pregnancy?

Underwire Bra During Pregnancy

Yes, it is entirely safe to wear an underwire bra during pregnancy. Pregnant women only need to take some precautions, as the bra should not be restrictive or too tight.

You will feel uncomfortable with tight bra. So whenever you feel uneasiness, immediately switch to the most comfortable maternity bras.

Some women think that underwire bras can hamper milk production, but no medical evidence exists to prove it.

Wearing underwire bras can ultimately depend on your comfort or choice. So, you can wear a bra during pregnancy without any worry.

Should I Wear a Bra in Bed During Pregnancy?

If you can’t sleep without the bra, you can confidently wear it. There is no harm in wearing it but make sure to choose a loose bra that helps you to sleep well. It is your choice; if you don’t want to wear it, then avoid it.

Many sleep bras are available in the market, so if you love to wear a bra in bed, go and purchase most comfortable one for yourself.

Can Avoiding Wearing a Bra During Pregnancy be a Reason for Breast Sagging?

Wearing a Bra

Not wearing a bra during pregnancy can be a reason for breast sagging in the long run. The bra supports your breasts and helps to keep them in shape.

So, you should wear a bra to feel more comfortable entire pregnancy. But if you can avoid wearing a bra when you will feel uncomfortable.

At night, you can avoid wearing a bra to make yourself calmer and to take a sound sleep. Pregnancy is the most crucial time for women, so do everything that makes you and your baby comfortable.

In any emergency, you can discuss all your problems with your midwife to avoid any kinda stress.


Wearing a bra during pregnancy can’t put you and your baby at risk. Choose the right size of the bra as many women faces issues due to wearing the wrong size bra. Wearing a bra helps you to feel fit and comfortable.

You should wear a bra after delivery also to keep your breasts fit. And don’t worry. Wearing a bra can’t interfere with the milk production process.

You can purchase a breastfeeding bra to make yourself comfortable while feeding baby.

FAQ’s: Bra During Pregnancy

Women have many questions regarding wearing a bra during pregnancy. I have given answers to some of them that will clear your vision more about wearing it.

Q. What are the features of the bra for optimal support during pregnancy?

A. Here are the best three features of a supportive bra:
1). Wide straps
2). Cotton and breathable fabrics
3). At least a three-hook closure

Q. Is it safe to wear a bra during pregnancy?

A. Wearing a bra can’t cause any issues for you and your baby. So you can wear a bra without any worry.

Q. When should I avoid wearing a bra?

A. Here are some reasons to avoid wearing a bra:
1). Chest pain
2). Difficulty in breathing
3). When you feel any rashes on the chest, back or neck

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